Experts in providing number, network and subscriber information for efficient communications and secure transactions

Business Messaging (A2P)

Real-time global number lookup services for number range, HLR Lookup and number portability for A2P SMS, RCS and OTT messaging applications.

Operators & Wholesale Carriers

Hybrid cloud global number lookup services providing A and B number intelligence to optimise voice and messaging network routing.

Mobile Identity

Telephone number intelligence and attributes to support validation and the risk mitigation needs of Know Your Customer (KYC), Account Takeover Protection (ATP).

Operators & Wholesale Carriers

Global number range and near real-time industry sourced hot lists to assist IRSF and Wangiri fraud detection solutions.

Mobile Operators

Protect your subscribers from fraud and identity theft by securely enabling access to subscriber intelligence such as Call Forward, Sim Swap, Roaming Status, and Attribute Verification.

Voice Fraud Management

Securely enabling access to high risk ranges and near real time fraud hot lists

XConnect is a member of the GSMA and MEF. XConnect is also a founding signatory of The Future of Enterprise Messaging programme. 

Our world renowned routing, number information as well as privacy and security experts, have 100s of years of experience designing, building, operating and supporting telephone number database services globally. 

Founded in 2004, and headquartered in London, UK, we have been working with 250+ customers for over 10 years to solve the world’s toughest numbering and interconnect challenges. 

World’s largest number intelligence database, accessible through standard protocols and available from multiple PoPs in the US and Europe. 

XConnect proprietary policy-based INDEX™ platform provides carrier grade capacity, real time access and high availability  to our numbering data and also enables data owners to securely publish and control their data. 

[We use XConnect Services] to expand coverage for number query and optimise costs, XConnect has helped me to achieve this target


Using Number Portability Lookup

High quality. Fast response times. Good value for money.


Using Number Portability Lookup

We rely heavily on this service. It has been very successful in helping us resolve an MSISDN in many countries.


Using Number Portability Lookup


Over 2 billion number have been ported

40 %
of Numbers

In some countries over 50% of numbers have been ported

$ 1.1

IRSF Fraud costs operators $6.1 billion a year

61 %

Over 67% of organisations believe inaccurate data negatively affects thier customer service

What to Do When OBR is Deployed in a Key Destination

Origin Based Rating (OBR) is deployed in more than 10 EU countries as well as a growing number of destinations across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). Carriers face an increasingly complex environment where OBR is being applied on a growing number of networks on an almost monthly basis.

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The Essentials of Number Portability for Business Messaging

XConnect is a market leader in providing information about telephone numbers. We have provided number information to the global telecommunications industry as well as Enterprises in the Finance and E-commerce sectors for 14 years.  

As XConnect is focused on Number Portability, we get a lot of questions from the business messaging industry surrounding Number Portability. We will take a few moments to answer those questions.  

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