Why the world's leading voice and messaging providers use XConnect to help them deliver communications that matter.

Our services are used for voice and messaging routing, fraud protection, and in identifying and validating insights. Our smart technology supports the deployment and evolution of next-generation communications.

XConnect is committed to Restoring Trust in Communications. We're ISO 27001 accredited and are active members in MEF, i3Forum and GSMA working groups, as well as being a signatory on the MF Code of Conduct

Companies like BICS use XConnect’s Global Number Range (GNR) data to help fight fraud and avoid costly surcharges

XConnect’s GNR data enables carriers to understand whether a number range is valid and allocated to a provider. 

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XConnect’s NPQ data helps identify information about the current network service provider and whether it's been ported from the original range holder.

Over 100 countries today have implemented Mobile Number Portability (MNP). In many countries, over 40% of numbers have been ported. Therefore, knowing whether a number has been ported is a key enabler for advanced traffic routing and delivery solutions for Voice calling, SMS messaging, Rich Communication Services, Voice over LTE, Application-to-Person (A2P) messaging and the communications services of the future. ​

Without XConnect?

Without using XConnect’s MNP Lookup service, companies risk the expense of sending traffic to the wrong network operator. 

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Get live and accurate information about the status of a phone number with our HLR based services

Home Location Register (HLR) is a component in every Mobile Network Operator’s (MNOs) infrastructure. It tells users how to send traffic to a phone and whether a phone number is active and capable of receiving a message or call.

How does HLR help with better delivery?

  • HLR Lookup provides accurate insights into whether a number is active and reachable
  • Perform basic mobile telephone number validation by checking if a given number is live in a mobile network

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“We know we can trust XConnect’s service and that’s why we use them, they are a great fit for what we need.”

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XConnect is continually refining, refreshing and cleaning its number portability data. That enables us to deliver A2P messaging services with confidence while focusing on our core business.