Why do you need to validate originating numbers? 

Both fraud and origin based surcharges are on the rise around the globe and pose a threat to the revenues and margins of the telecoms industry.

By pre-validating A-Numbers, carriers avoid having to block traffic due to uncertainty of origin and can also grow customer confidence with their trusted traffic status.

New regulations

One of the first regions to mandate A-Number validation and checking against a Do Not Originate (DNO) list was the USA. In trying to prevent internationally generated robocalls that appear to come from a domestic range the FCC mandated that providers not only authenticate calls using STIR/SHAKEN but also check all calls against a DNO list and block any that appear on it. They must also be able to trace calls.

The USA is not the only territory to introduce these legislations - the UK introduced a similar requirement to validate against a DNO list in November 2022, Ireland also has a DNO list and others around the world are currently in consultation. 

Number Validation by XConnect

Our service

Our accurate, reliable and trustworthy data ensures you meet your regulatory requirements and are able to trust the traffic you’re carrying. XConnect offers a range of A-Number validation datasets via query or download that include:

  • XConnect Global Number Range (GNR) data
    • Valid format, valid length, positively allocated, valid type
    • Global coverage
  • Somos USA RealNumber DNO data
    • Most comprehensive US DNO list available in the market
    • Toll and Toll-Free
    • Unallocated ranges/numbers and manually set DNO
  • The UK DNO list
  • Other country DNO lists to be incorporated as they become available

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The benefits of query over download

Number Validation by XConnect

No need to integrate data

Avoid the need to integrate multiple data sets into network platforms and support systems causing: Platform costs increase due to functional requirements Development and Operating costs for onboarding the dataset(s) and ongoing maintenance of the dataset(s) Costs increase with new data-sets or changes to data-sets

Number Validation by XConnect

Bespoke services

Services can be created to meet customer requirements e.g. A or B number validation A and B number validation B number portability correction Multiple validation steps in one query Filtered on specific traffic profiles

Number Validation by XConnect

Ongoing development to support new use cases

Continuous development to support new query use cases minimises customer development requirements Additional datasets – e.g. UK and other country DNO, Do-Not-Call, Fraud hot-lists Trusted Global Caller ID services e.g. USA Stir Shaken Attestation

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