Protecting a Global eCommerce Brand Against Call Back Fraud with Pre-Validation

A global ecommerce brand needed assistance with preventing premium-rate call back fraud within their contact centres. Read how XConnect is providing Global Number Range (GNR) services to combat these issues by pre-validating numbers before the calls are directed.



How Gamma Deployed XConnect's Global Number Intelligence to Enhance its Business Messaging

XConnect’s number intelligence and data expertise is enabling Gamma to deliver new levels of precision, performance and trust in business messaging

International Payment Processing Company

Precision Payment Processing: Using Numbering Intelligence to Validate Transactions

An international payment processing company was looking for a way to enhance its approach to verifying large transactions, to mitigate fraud and identify identity risks.

Red & green data

A Global Communications Service Provider

Data Management as a Service: Removing the complexities of managing multiple data sources so you can focus on your core business

A global Communications Service provider (CSP) that needed to query large amounts of data to help with accurate and efficient voice traffic routing and A2P message delivery, was looking for a cost-effective solution that would help it to avoid the additional head count, regulatory and cost challenges it would incur if it had to manage everything in house.

Tier 1 Global Voice Carrier

The Fight Against Voice Fraud: Maximising Margins with Global Numbering Intelligence

A Tier 1 global voice carrier selected XConnect to help it combat voice fraud across its international wholesale network and prevent the margin erosion that it was causing.


Enabling IDT to directly route A2P messages to users with precision, performance and trust

XConnect is working with IDT Carrier Services optimise its wholesale A2P SMS messaging business with global number intelligence.