Our number information enables you to: 

  • Reduce delivery failures
  • Increase cost-efficiency
  • Offer an optimised experience for end users

Number Intelligence by XConnect

Our data sets (which include number portability and HLR lookup) allow you to implement direct routing of your A2P messaging traffic, giving you new competitive advantages and enabling you to compete on quality. Direct routing gives you control of grey route traffic while reducing transit fees.

Using accurate numbering intelligence, you can validate B-numbers and screen out undeliverable traffic while providing up to date number portability data. This ensures you deliver A2P messages to the right operator first time, every time, increasing customer satisfaction and supporting your long-term growth.

We put you in control of your A2P messaging services with a simple, secure and transparent approach to optimising A2P traffic.

Some of our services

Number intelligence by XConnect

A2P SMS Assurance

Guarantee delivery of A2P messages using global number range and number portability data. Ensure customers are providing an optimised experience to end users and increase customer loyalty, trust and revenue.

Number intelligence by XConnect

Routing Optimisation

Use accurate routing information such as network (MNC) and country codes (MCC), for the current mobile network service provider for a given telephone number. Identify if a given mobile number is live on a mobile network and if a number is ported out from the original number range holder in real-time.

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Number intelligence by XConnect