Both fraud and origin-based surcharges are on the rise around the globe and pose a threat to the revenues and margins of the telecoms industry.
By pre-validating A-Numbers, carriers avoid having to block traffic due to uncertainty of origin and can also grow customer confidence with their trusted traffic status.
One of the challenges of realtime number validation is in the size of the datasets. By hosting and maintaining multiple large scale databases, XConnect’s services deliver the benefit of query services, avoiding the need to download, integrate, and operate..
Hosted data also supports simple implementation of bespoke services.

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Traffic validation and optimisation by XConnect
Services can be created to meet customer requirements e.g.
  • A or B number validation
  • A and B number validation
  • B number portability correction
  • Multiple validation steps in one query
  • Filtered on specific traffic profiles
Ongoing development to support new use cases
  • Continuous development to support new query use cases minimises customer development requirements
Additional datasets – e.g. UK and other country DNO, Do-Not-Call, Fraud hot-lists Trusted Global Caller ID services e.g. USA Stir Shaken Attestation
Number Portability by XConnect

How It Works

XConnect has a dedicated team of number information experts that has created proprietary techniques to ingest data from Telecommunications Authorities, the International Telecoms Union (ITU) and IR.21 data sources which enable us to make the unified data available via a simple, secure, scalable, and real-time query interface using enum, https or SIP. Our pioneering platform provides real time query access to our numbering data from multiple points of presence across the world and enables data owners to securely publish and control their data.


  • Number Administrators
  • National Regulators
  • Carriers & Operators


  • Detect and correct inaccurate records
  • Delete irrelevant data


  • Organise for long term maintainability and accuracy
  • Structure for scalability and performance


  • Hybrid NoSQL in memory and SQL
  • Distributed and synchronised
  • Highly resilient


  • User policy
  • Privacy laws and regulations


  • Multiple PoPs
  • Virtual local copies
  • Developer friendly

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Number Portability by XConnect

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