To provide the most accurate Number Range service we undertake a multi-stage process designed to overcome the lack of international standardisation, deal with the volume of information updates and manage the ongoing verification of data.


Reduce Origin Based Rating (OBR) risk

  • Confirm CLIs are valid and mitigate against unplanned OBR penalty surcharges.
  • Identify and block calls with invalid CLIs in real real-time.
  • Analyse A- and B-numbers to correctly assign OBR surcharge rules for voice rating and routing.

Reduce fraud

  • Real-time call rejection of invalid numbers, such as unallocated or non-dialable ranges, or incorrect digit length.
  • Block or accept traffic based on potentially fraudulent CPN/CLI modification.
  • Prior to routing, identify high risk B-numbers that may be associated with IRSF, arbitrage or other commercial threats.
  • Build advanced risk scores based on origin, destination and call agent privileges.
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Global Number Range by XConnect

Use Cases

Global Number Range by XConnect

Fraud management for voice routing

Wangiri and International Revenue Share Fraud (IRSF) are increasingly significant threats to voice service providers. A common threat vector relies on the use of unallocated number ranges (numbers that are not officially allocated by telecommunication authorities). Capabilities to detect and prevent this type of fraud vary between operators and so require query and download methods to consume number range intelligence.

Global Number Range by XConnect

Routing optimisation for carriers

Prefix routing is commonplace across voice and message providers. However, prefix routing can mask the problem that traffic is being routed to telephone numbers instead of being blocked. E.g. SMS’s being routed to fixed line numbers or voice traffic being routed to numbers that would fail length checks. Millions of unnecessary voice calls and messages per day can be removed from routing and billing systems using simple number range checks. GNR data can also help in the fight to mitigate OBR charges.

Global Number Range by XConnect

Data quality management for CRM

Most enterprises place a high value on the accuracy of their customers’ telephone numbers. Managing data quality can include validating customer lead forms in real-time, filtering out fixed line numbers prior to executing an SMS messaging campaign, or regularly performing data cleansing activities. Number Range intelligence is an important technique for basic number validation.

Global Number Range by XConnect

Cost management for carriers

Better A & B number intelligence can enable more direct routing as well as the ability to effectively manage regional surcharging. The knock on impact of more direct routing means more simple billing, and revenue assurance; as well as better understanding of the real termination cost.

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