It’s been a long time since I moderated two very different sessions at two distinct events on the same day, but June 20th proved to be one of those.
I started off bright and early with a session aimed at the mobile operator community across the Asia Pacific (APAC) region, all about unleashing the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Business Messaging. Set up by VOX Solutions, I appreciated the opportunity to join DITO (mobile operator in the Philippines) and representatives from across different VOX functions to talk AI. Whilst AI might be something you cannot escape hearing about today, it sure isn’t new. It’s actually decades old but the key is the acceleration in its development. Chat GPT 4.0 has truly moved the game on and the developments will keep coming.
From a Business Messaging perspective, AI might be something new and not at all easy to truly integrate effectively into the likes of CPaaS and conversational commerce (for example , when it comes to personalising content and flows), but it’s a totally different story where anti-fraud is concerned. AI has been used for many years to great effect in combatting a multitude of threats. It’s clear that AI is here to stay and it will really change the Business Messaging game as we know it today. We are on track for a VERY exciting few years…

A few hours following the VOX Solutions webinar, I found myself in central London at the Comms Council UK AGM and Summer Forum event. Many of you reading this will remember when Voice over IP (VoIP) was a niche part of telecoms. Now it’s mainstream and billions of people couldn't seemingly do without it - think the likes of WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, WeChat and more that rely on it for their Voice related services.
Back in 2004, the ITSPA (the Internet Telephony Providers Association) was set up in the UK by a founding group of 12 members (XConnect being one of them!) and has morphed over the past 20 years into a thriving trade association representing 100+ companies. It's chaired by the CEO of XConnect, Eli Katz and the association was renamed Comms Council UK in 2021 to reflect the fact that its members now provide a broad range of services. And the association is something brand new for me personally!

The membership is now a mixture of network operators, service providers, resellers, suppliers and consultants and I was joined by Tim Biddle/Sinch, Claudine Bell/Virgin Media O2, James Lasbrey/Global Telco Consult (GTC) and Eli, where we unpacked the transformative powers of Business Messaging and how members can truly go about leveraging it rapidly. But we only had 35 minutes to do all this in, so 'tight' and 'focussed' were the words of the day and from the comments after from all present, it’s clear we hit the mark.

Business Messaging is all about delivering content all of us mobile subscribers find of value and the key to unlocking this is surely has to be our mobile phone number. Most of you reading this have kept the same number for years, and when it comes to authentication and verification having as much authoritative information as possible about the integrity of any number is critical. And this is of course where XConnect comes in: we provide you with data theat helps you make the decisions required to safeguard and protect your business.

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We’re doing our bit to make the world of Mobile work and just that bit safer too.