The industry is increasingly having to come up with ways to try and stay one step ahead of the fraudsters. 

We can help you with a simple and cost-effective way to cut out a significant proportion of your fraudulent traffic – a simple check of a number.

Whether that be checking whether the number is valid or going as far as to seeing if it’s live on a network, contact us today to discuss our range of solutions that can help.  

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Fraud Protection by XConnect

Key Benefits

Number Portability by XConnect

A2P Fraud Protection

Messaging has been a trusted and ubiquitous channel for years. But that trust is under threat from fraudsters who are making money by generating fake traffic to high cost destinations. Our suite of solutions can help protect you and your customers from that fraud - including Artificial Inflation and Generation of Traffic, and SIMSWAP. We can help you check a number is valid before you send - and if you need to know about its activity as well, then we can help with that too. We also have access to the most comprehensive DNO list for text in the USA and our analysis can help you score numbers to help you decide whether they're risky or not, thanks to the large number of queries we see every day.

Number Portability by XConnect

Voice Fraud Protection

International Revenue Share Fraud (IRSF) and Wangiri are increasingly significant threats to voice service providers. Commonly fraudsters rely on the use of unallocated number ranges (numbers that are not officially allocated by telecommunication authorities). Capabilities to detect and prevent this type of fraud vary between operators and so require query and download methods to consume number range intelligence. We can support you with: • Real-time call rejection of invalid numbers, such as unallocated or non-dialable ranges, incorrect digit length and customer-selected number types. • Block or accept traffic based on potentially fraudulent CPN/CLI modification. • Prior to routing, identify high risk destination numbers that may be associated with IRSF, arbitrage or other commercial threats. • Build advanced risk scores based on origin, destination and call agent privileges.

Number Portability by XConnect

Contact Centre Fraud Protection

Contact Centres are increasingly having to navigate new challenges related to their outbound voice and messaging services as fraudsters become more sophisticated. One popular way that fraudsters generate revenue is through initiating illegitimate call back requests. This occurs when fraudulent accounts are set up with the intention to request a call back that is routed through an international or premium rate number to rack up high calling fees. Beyond voice, fraudsters are also manipulating messaging services through OTP and 2FA requests. This results in organisations paying out for fake traffic that has no prospect of being converted into real business. Without proper systems in place for traffic validation, users will turn to communications platforms they consider to be more reliable. This has the potential to cause irrevocable losses and reputational damage to the industry. To stay ahead of evolving tactics, contact centres need to find a way to rapidly pre-validate the numbers in their systems before outbound voice and messaging activities are initiated. This is not only to proactively reduce fraud, but to build and retain trust with consumers.


Mobile Phone Numbers are key personal identifiers. Fraudsters often hijack or spoof numbers in order to achieve their gain. In order to stay one step ahead of the fraudsters, businesses need to verify the correct person is in possession of the phone number especially when it is used for onboarding or transactions. XConnect, with its own data and through the technology of its partners, plays a pivotal role in identification and verification, delivering the attributes to build trust in the number. We gather and blend data inputs from a variety of verified sources, such as the Mobile Network Operators, Number Registry Authorities, Regulators and trusted databases. We then deliver seamless, frictionless responses ensuring a swift end-user experience. Businesses can then highlight early red-flags and prevent potential fraudulent activity before enabling service.

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Number Portability by XConnect

How It Works

XConnect has a dedicated team of number information experts that has created proprietary techniques to ingest data from Telecommunications Authorities, the International Telecoms Union (ITU) and IR.21 data sources which enable us to make the unified data available via a simple, secure, scalable, and real-time query interface using enum, https or SIP. Our pioneering platform provides real time query access to our numbering data from multiple points of presence across the world and enables data owners to securely publish and control their data.


  • Number Administrators
  • National Regulators
  • Carriers & Operators


  • Detect and correct inaccurate records
  • Delete irrelevant data


  • Organise for long term maintainability and accuracy
  • Structure for scalability and performance


  • Hybrid NoSQL in memory and SQL
  • Distributed and synchronised
  • Highly resilient


  • User policy
  • Privacy laws and regulations


  • Multiple PoPs
  • Virtual local copies
  • Developer friendly

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Number Portability by XConnect

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