Case studies

See how leading telecoms providers are using our solutions to improve their performance:

Ensuring Telia delivers high quality A2P message traffic 

Read how we’re helping Telia Carrier to deliver A2P messages for its customers by ensuring they’re routing to the right numbers, first time. 


Enabling IDT to directly route A2P messages to users with precision, performance and trust

XConnect is working with IDT Carrier Services, a global provider of voice and SMS solutions and a division of IDT Corporation, to optimise its wholesale A2P SMS messaging business with global number intelligence.


Fraud management

Enhance your capabilities in the fight against voice fraud, such as IRSF, through identifying high risk and unallocated number ranges. Activate third-party data or proprietary hot-lists to block fraudulent calls before they cause losses or impact customer satisfaction.


Mitigate OBR charges

A2P SMS assurance

Guarantee delivery of A2P messages using global number range and number portability data. Ensure customers get an optimised experience and increase loyalty, trust and revenue.

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Creating competitive advantages in CPaaS

One CPaaS provider was looking for a way to increase satisfaction across its customer and partner base, from application developers within enterprises through to end users, and approached XConnect to see how enhancing its number intelligence could help.


Capturing new revenue with RCS

Find out how we’re helping aggregators overcome the routing challenges faced when sending business RCS messages:

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OBR mitigation

Use global number intelligence to reduce disputes and Stop future losses from Origin Based Rating. Save hundreds of thousands of dollars in surcharges and maximise your margins by identifying invalid A-numbers and correcting costs and rating for number portability.


Verified and trusted services

Using numbering intelligence to validate transactions 

An international payment processing company was looking for a way to enhance its approach to verifying large transactions, to mitigate fraud and identify identity risks. Read how it used number information to validate a mobile phone number and accurately identify possible risk factors.


Data Management as a Service

A global Communications Service provider (CSP) that needed to query large amounts of data to help with accurate and efficient voice traffic routing and A2P message delivery, was looking for a cost-effective solution that would help it to avoid the additional head count, regulatory and cost challenges it would incur if it had to manage everything in house.


Trust and Resilience in Mobile – supporting MNOs


A European Mobile Network Operator (MNO) was looking for a way to protect its margins while delivering an optimised experience for customers. As the opportunity in business messaging grows and voice remains a critical application, it wanted a way to solve challenges across both areas of its business.


A-Number Validation: Protecting Carrier Businesses from Growing Surcharges


A UK-based voice carrier needed a way to rapidly protect its margins from surcharges based on invalid A-numbers. As significant increases in surcharges came to the UK, it had to find a solution for validating A-numbers in weeks, not months. The carrier was forced to quickly adapt to surcharges being deployed on both fixed and mobile calls or face maximum charges being applied to their UK voice traffic.