An international payment processing company was looking for a way to enhance its approach to verifying large transactions, to mitigate fraud and identify identity risks. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, it had seen a larger volume of transactions moving online as consumers turned to eCommerce during lockdowns and quarantines. It needed a way to expand its capabilities with new ways to validate transactions.

A person’s mobile phone number has emerged as one of the most individual and consistent pieces of data a consumer has, other than biometrics. According to the GSMA, there will be 5.79 billion unique mobile phone users in the world by 2025. Mobility is ubiquitous in developed markets and mobile phone numbers remain a core component of a mobile phone service.

The payment processing company saw an opportunity to integrate mobile phone numbers into its approach to anti-fraud and transaction validation. It selected XConnect to implement a number validation solution that could deliver a fast and secure way to confirm identities of individual consumers and reduce instances of fraudulent transactions.

“A person’s mobile phone is one of the most consistent pieces of data an individual has. Many of us are also with our mobile phones 24 hours a day and rarely change our phone numbers. This makes mobile phone numbers a powerful tool in the fight against fraud in payment processing and ensuring the rapid approval of legitimate transactions. As experts in global numbering intelligence, we make it simple to incorporate new data sets into existing processes and maximise the value of telecoms data in payment processing businesses.”

Eli Katz, Founder and CEO, XConnect

The Challenge

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The payment processing company was seeing a growing number of transactions involving luxury goods and big-ticket items moving online during the pandemic. These items would normally be purchased in-store directly from a retailer.

The challenge was to find new tactics and data points for identifying a consumer and validating a transaction quickly and with minimum disruption to the purchaser. It wanted to increase the depth of its anti-fraud processes without impacting its eCommerce retailers’ customer experience.

With no background in telecoms or numbering intelligence, the payment processing company needed to understand the potential of using global numbering intelligence to identify and validate purchases and enhance its existing data sets. It needed an expert in telecoms data management and apply it to solve a variety of challenges, not just new data sets.

The payment processing company needed a partner that could understand its needs and develop a solution that would not add complexity to its operations while increasing its anti-fraud capabilities. It chose XConnect because the team was able to help it build a business case for using global numbering intelligence and provide support end-to-end. 

The Solution

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XConnect listened and understood the payment processing company’s unique challenges then developed a solution that could be rapidly deployed and integrated into its existing systems and processes. XConnect helped the company to build a business case for deploying data that could validate a mobile phone number and accurately identify possible risk factors. It was able to demonstrate the value of mobile phone numbers in anti-fraud activities and the potential reduction in losses from fraud.

XConnect’s services determine if a number exists within a national regulated number plan, has been allocated to an individual by the telecommunications service provider, and whether it is available. This returns the operational status of a given mobile number. It is then able to identify the consumer based on the mobile number and share that data with the payment processing company.

The team at XConnect was able to understand the payment processing company’s requirements and provided a solution towards number and identity validation. The company was able to validate numbers and identify associated information like individual identity, country and network provider, mitigating fraudulent behaviour and improving customer experience.

The Benefits

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  • Rapid Identification and Validation

The solution enabled the company to rapidly identify consumers based on their mobile phone number and add an extra tool to ensure transactions were not fraudulent.  

  • Expert Data Management Support

XConnect provided expertise and insight into using numbering intelligence in payment processing and enabled the company to enhance its anti-fraud systems.

  • Continually Refined Data Sets

The solution was underpinned with data sets that are continually being updated, refined and cleaned to maximise accuracy.

  • Increased Performance

XConnect enabled the company to increase the accuracy of its anti-fraud systems with a simple and efficient solution.

  • 24×7 Expert Support

XConnect provides 24×7 support with multiple data sources delivering maximised uptime and always-on capabilities.

  • A Simple Activation

XConnect made it easy for the company to expand its data sets with a simple and powerful solution tailored to the needs of the payment processing industry. 

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