“As voice and business messaging converge, service providers need to consolidate and simplify how they manage data. Too many players are managing it in silos and need to consolidate their data within a single solution. Our Data Management as a Service solution enables service providers to benefit from our data management expertise and our ability to continually enhance multiple sources of data – all without taking that burden on themselves. They can focus on their core business, improve customer satisfaction and lower costs.”

Eli Katz, Founder and CEO, XConnect

A global Communications Service provider (CSP) that needed to query large amounts of data to help with accurate and efficient voice traffic routing and A2P message delivery, was looking for a cost-effective solution that would help it to avoid the additional head count, regulatory and cost challenges it would incur if it had to manage everything in house.

Data requirements in the telecoms sector are growing fast and can be complicated and costly to manage with the increased volumes.

The CSP needed to ensure its data was secure whilst keeping platform costs for hosting low and supporting the high-performance needs of its operations. It selected XConnect’s Global Mobile Number Portability (MNP) Managed Service to take care of its requirements, maintain and host its data to enable it to meet its privacy and regulatory requirements without the extra costs and reduce complications of onboarding it itself.

The Challenge

As the CSP’s data requirements grew, the complexities of managing multiple suppliers and data formats and maintaining and enhancing the data to power its everyday operations started to become a challenge and it needed to decide whether to continue to take on the burden itself or outsource to an expert who specialised in this area.

It needed to store, access and utilise large volumes of data, keep databases running optimally, comply with regulatory requirements, all while keeping costs low and being able to maintain a focus on its core business. With its regular use of different data sources, it was finding it a challenge to ensure data quality and was dealing with costly errors, loss of productivity and even low customer satisfaction.

The CSP recognised that onboarding the data itself meant managing all the associated costs, privacy and regulatory requirements of its databases, as well as the platform costs for hosting the data. It decided to look for an expert in telecoms data management that understood its needs, enhanced its existing data and provided ease of use across its systems.

The Solution

The CSP chose XConnect’s MNP service because it would simplify handling data, whilst meeting requirements for day-to-day use. XConnect was able to store the data, as well as simplify and streamline access to enable the different processes and workflows it required.                                                   

The team at XConnect was able to understand the CSP’s requirements and provided a simple and cost-efficient solution, taking the burden and complexities of management from the CSP and enabling them to focus on their core business.

XConnect was able to improve data quality, provide enhanced scalability, and deliver better data compliance, while helping to boost the CSP’s productivity and reduce costs. The CSP was able to leverage its data more effectively to offer a better customer experience while improving operational efficiency and meeting its data consolidation needs.


  • Optimising Experience

The CSP was able to better manage and enhance its data, improve customer satisfaction and grow new revenue streams.

  • Expert Data Management Support

XConnect provided expertise and insight into using numbering intelligence to maintain and onboard data and enabled the company to enhance its systems and applications.

  • Continually Refined Data Sets

The solution was underpinned with data sets that are continually being updated, refined and cleaned to maximise accuracy.

  • Data Consolidation

The CSP was able to manage multiple sources of data within one system, allowing it more time to focus on other areas of its business.

  • Comprehensive Compliance

XConnect’s solution enabled the CSP to meet all its privacy and regulatory requirements with ease and at lower costs.

  • Reduced Costs

The CSP reduced its spending costs as XConnect provided a solution that included all the manging costs, as well as the platform costs for hosting its data in one fixed monthly fee.