Number Portability - MNP Lookup

Provides network information about the current network service provider for a given E.164 telephone number and if a number is ported out from the original number range holder. 

Over 100 countries today have implemented Mobile Number Portability (MNP). In many countries, over 40% of numbers have been ported. Therefore, knowing whether a number has been ported is a key enabler for advanced traffic routing and delivery solutions for Voice calling, SMS messaging, Rich Communication Services, Voice over LTE, Application-to-Person (A2P) messaging and the communications services of the future.  

Key Benefits

Reduce Termination Costs

Service Level Improvements

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Tim Ward
VP Number Information Services

Lee Suker
Market Development Director & Data Protection Officer

Enable Sophisticated Routing

How it Works

XConnect has a dedicated team of number information experts that have created proprietary techniques to ingest data from Telecommunications Authorities, the International Telecoms Union (ITU) and IR.21 data sources and make the unified data available via a simple, secure, scalable, and real-time query interface using enum, https or SIP


Our pioneering policy-based INDEX™ platform provides real time query access to our numbering data from multiple points of presence in the US and EU and enables data owners to securely publish and control their data. 


  • Number administrators
  • National regulators
  • Carriers and operators


  • Detect and correct inaccurate records
  • Delete irrelevant data


  • Organise for long term maintainability and accuracy
  • Structure for scalability and performance


  • Hybrid NoSQL in memory and SQL
  • Distributed and synchronised
  • Highly resilient


  • User policy
  • Privacy laws and regulations


  • Multiple PoPs
  • Virtual local copies
  • Developer friendly

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Comparing Different Number Portability Providers

In the Business Messaging A2P Market, number portability has been a requirement for many years.  In most circumstances this need has been fulfilled by using HLR Lookup.  Growth in A2P SMS, the prevalence of SS7 firewall and the demand for carrier grade performance for voice and messaging applications has meant that HLR Lookup is no longer fit for purpose, although there are still some exceptions.  State of the art number portability solutions use a combination of HLR Lookup, Caches, and central databases to meet the needs of leading voice and message providers

What is Unique about XConnect's Number Portability Service?

In 2016, XConnect formed a team of Number Information and Data Protection experts who were very familiar with the industry’s leading number portability solutions.  XConnect wanted to build richer number information services on a new platform to comply with new data protection philosophies, meet the performance needs of carriers and overcome the limited market choices between cheap, slow with poor data or good quality but expensive and inflexible. 

A number portability service requires a global coverage, high accuracy through use of authoritative and supported data sources, flexible interfaces and commercial models, as well as carrier grade performance.  

XConnect’s NPQ service provides access to global number portability information through a configurable and simple real-time query interface.  NPQ uses the most authoritative data sources augmented through a managed partner network of HLR Lookup providers to maximise data quality and application suitability. 

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