HLR Lookup

HLR Lookup is used to obtain subscriber information for a wide range of applications. 

In recent years, controls have been introduced to protect networks from fraud and protect subscribers from privacy breaches as well as identity theft. However, using it for legitimate business cases is allowed and is very useful for traffic validation and certain routing. 

While roaming status, roamed country, SIM identifiers and subscriber status are now mostly blocked,  HLR Lookup still supports number validation and low volume message routing applications.

Our HLR-based services

XConnect’s Live-Status and Live-Routing services provide information based on data supplied by operators from their HLRs.

Continually updated in real time, HLRs hold authoritative current information for mobile phone subscribers wherever they are located, providing accurate insights into whether a number is valid and active to determine the ability of the mobile network to deliver traffic successfully.

One of the main benefits of using XConnect is the number of suppliers we use which means we can intelligently route traffic to the best supplier for a network – giving you better performance than you’d get anywhere else.

Key features

MCC/MNC Lookup

Provides MCC/MNC for time sensitive applications where intraday porting is highly likely. For example, provisioning SMS messages to new subscribers. 

Mobile telephone number validation

Perform basic mobile telephone number validation by checking if a given number is live in a mobile network.


How it Works

Most HLR Lookup providers have access to a limited set of network operators. Obtaining complete country access and global coverage requires aggregation of service providers at a network operator level.  Moreover, the network access of HLR Lookup providers can be subject to change without notice due to the filtering techniques used by mobile operators to protect their networks and subscribers.

XConnect’s Live-Status and Live-Routing services are powered by a mesh of the world’s best HLR Lookup providers.  XConnect aggregates services at a network level and proactively tests each provider’s access on a daily basis so as to ensure the best coverage and consistency.  To assure long term stability and service consistency, XConnect has adopted privacy-by-design principles so as to support services with a clear legal basis. 

Access to the service is via a simple, secure, scalable, and real-time query interface using enum or https.

Comparing Different HLR Lookup Providers

HLR Lookups came to market as a by product of A2P SMS messaging and over time the scope of use and efficacy claims has evolved.  The truth is, despite claims, HLR Lookups have limited applications.  Coverage and performance limitations prevent widespread use for routing, privacy controls curtail application for marketing and fraud prevention, and limited customer support can make the service unreliable for enterprise use.  However, HLR Lookups do fulfil valuable market requirements provided that measures are taken to overcome limitations.

What is unique about XConnect's HLR Lookup service?

Many solutions have limited coverage, are unreliable and made false claims about their capabilities.

An HLR Lookup service should have consistent coverage and accuracy, be clear about the use-cases it can and cannot support, as well as be professionally supported so that customers can use it with confidence. We intelligently route your traffic to the best provider for that network to increase the reliability available. 

Access information about country coverage and APIs

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