In a challenging telecoms ecosystem, failed calls are driving massive losses for contact centres.
Artificially Inflated Traffic (AIT) is a growing factor contributing to these losses and a problem that is continuing to impact more contact centres. Fraudsters are ramping up their attacks and more organisations are being flooded by fraudulent premium rate call back requests.

Our new eGuide: "The Cost of Failed Calls for Contact Centres” discusses how Artificially Inflated Traffic (AIT) is contributing to these losses and how GNR, MNP, and HLR data can solve this problem.

The Cost of Failed Calls for Contact Centres

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XConnect, a wholly owned subsidiary of Somos Inc, consolidates, maintains and delivers trusted telephone number intelligence to world leading telecommunication service providers. It processes information from hundreds of different global datasets and ensures that customers solve routing, validation and fraud challenges in real time.
XConnect’s Number Information Services are used for voice and messaging routing, fraud protection and to identify and validate insights. They also support the deployment and evolution of next-generation communications, such as VoLTE and RCS.
Its service is accessed through its global distributed hybrid cloud platform using simple, secure, scalable real-time protocols and APIs.
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