XConnect eGuide: Everything You Need to Know About Stopping Losses from OBR

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In a challenging voice market, carriers need to take every opportunity to maximise the potential of every minute on their networks. As Origin Based Rating (OBR) is implemented in more countries, carriers are looking for a solution that quickly enables them to take control of their traffic and give them predictable margins. OBR has the potential to impact a carriers bottom line and cause costly disputes. Global number intelligence can be a way to reduce risk and enable carriers to accept or reject traffic with precise routing decisions.

OBR has the potential to impact the business of any carrier that terminates international voice traffic. With OBR deployments continuing to grow in markets across the globe, it’s important that carriers understand the risks and take the necessary steps to reduce the impact on their business today.

The carriers that take action now to reduce their exposure to OBR surcharges and penalties will gain a competitive advantage and ensure the long-term sustainability of their businesses. They will have more resources to reinvest in their businesses and overall, they’ll be prepared for a future where OBR is common across different geographies.

XConnect can help you to quickly complete an OBR impact assessment and understand the impact it is having on your business. You can assess the benefits of blocking just the highest cost traffic or take a deep dive and explore the benefits of a fully optimised, real-time OBR optimisation.

Whether you are a carrier with existing OBR solutions that requires the best number intelligence, or your existing OSS/BSS is constrained, and you need a work around or don’t have a capability, XConnect offers solutions that match your business needs and make it as simple as possible to use data to tackle future OBR losses.

Already, some of the largest mobile network operators (MNOs) and carriers use XConnects number portability query service to complete over 10 billion lookups per year. We’re ready to help you use new intelligence to take control of your voice traffic. Are you?

Download our new eGuide to learn about the solution that you can implement to stop OBR losses, that quickly enables you to take control of your traffic and give you predictable margins:

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