Wholesale World Congress (WWC) Madrid 2019

xconnect wholesale world congress wwc madrid 2019

XConnect is excited to be attending WWC Madrid September 11 & 12. WWC Madrid is the meeting point for the international telecoms wholesale community.

Please contact Bruce Pollendine or Graham Sims to arrange a meeting.

You can also schedule a meeting directly with Graham Sims using this link Schedule a Meeting with Graham

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What is OBR? A Quick Guide to Origin Based Rating

What is OBR? A Quick Guide to Origin Based Rating

Origin Based Rating, also known as Origin Based Charging for voice termination, takes into account both the origination and termination of a call when billing. The terminating network (usually mobile) will apply a surcharge to the mobile termination rates (MTRs) based on the country of the call’s origin.

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Mobile Number Portability FAQs

Number Portability for Business Messaging FAQs

XConnect is a market leader in providing information about telephone numbers. We have provided number information to the global telecommunications industry as well as Enterprises in the Finance and E-commerce sectors for 14 years.  

As XConnect is focused on Number Portability, we get a lot of questions from the business messaging industry surrounding Number Portability. We will take a few moments to answer those questions.  

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