Voice Routing Optimisation: Transforming Operations with Global Number Intelligence

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A pan-European voice carrier selected XConnect to help it reduce costs and increase margin using global number intelligence. The carrier was looking for a way to combat decreasing margins and optimise operations. XConnect proposed enhancing its data sets to increase routing efficiency and reduce billing complexity.

The carrier was marketing itself as offering a simple customer experience and it wanted this to be reflected across every aspect of its business. In a competitive market where minutes are continually migrating to Over the Top (OTT) platforms, it decided to look at how it could do things differently by using new data to help optimise operations.

By working with XConnect, the carrier was able to make global number intelligence a cornerstone of its transformation and increased its competitiveness in both the short and long term.

The Challenge

The challenge for the carrier was to find a solution to streamline its voice traffic routing without adding new complexity to its operations. Previously, it used to resolve number portability voice routing decisions. Unfortunately, this required multiple relationships across each of its markets. Its overall goal was simplicity and efficiency, so multiple suppliers did not match its needs.  

The carrier wanted a single comprehensive solution that would improve its routing and deliver immediate return on investment. It selected XConnect’s Number Portability service to enable it to benefit from advanced traffic routing with a solution that it could rapidly roll out. Enhancing its data offered a quick win for its transformation project with a simple model. 

The Solution

XConnect’s Number Portability provided reduced termination costs by providing the information to allow the carrier to route its communications directly to a terminating operator rather than through intermediaries. The carrier benefited from Number Portability information that supports advanced traffic routing and delivery solutions for voice calling.

Used in conjunction with number range services for number validation and basic routing, integrating real-time number portability into routing operations greatly improved operational performance and in turn increased customer satisfaction. 

Real-time B number portability status provided direct routing for the carrier, and A-number range intelligence enabled regional surcharge management. Both of these resulted in a better understanding of its real termination cost, leading to improved margins and lower risks. In conjunction, B-number range and hotlists removed millions of undeliverable or fraudulent voice calls per day from the carrier’s routing. 

The knock-on impact of more direct routing means that the carrier will experience simpler billing and revenue assurance, as well as better understanding of the real termination cost. Better A and B number intelligence enables the carrier to experience more direct routing as well as effectively manage regional surcharging. 

These benefits were achieved through accessing industry-leading number range and number portability, integrated with network switches and OSS/BSS systems. Powered by multiple data centres and cloud-based query servers, XConnect’s distributed architecture enables secure and resilient access to global numbering information, with blindingly fast response times.

XConnect enabled the carrier to achieve optimal routing through expanding its data sets and creating a solution that delivered real business outcomes. As the carrier transforms its business, it has a data strategy and the support of experts in solving challenges with global number intelligence.  

 “Global number intelligence empowers carriers and enables them to rapidly enhance how they route their traffic. They can simplify the path that voice traffic takes, reducing the number of suppliers it touches, and deliver new cost-efficiencies. A highly reliable and accurate data provider can unlock new potential in a carrier’s business and help them to achieve maximum ROI. As carriers transform their operations, global number intelligence should be one of the key components of every transformation programme.”

Eli Katz, Founder and CEO, XConnect

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