The 5 Ways Our Telecoms Data is Different

The quality of data you use in your business directly impacts your customer experience, efficiency and performance. Adding new data sets to your operations and enhancing the quality of your data can be a way to gain a competitive edge and increase profitability. It’s all about using high-quality, highly accurate and granular telecoms data to maximise the value of every minute or message on your network.

The challenge is to maintain, refine and expand telecoms data sets and put them to work within your operations. At XConnect, we’re experts in telecoms data and data management and are solely dedicated to enabling you to use global number intelligence to solve challenges and grow your business.

We take millions of numbering records and other data sets and enable you to benefit from direct routing, ensure message delivery, mitigate fraud and OBR losses, and offer advanced services like HD Voice, RCS, and IoT. To do this, we are continually optimising our data, growing our data sets and finding new ways to make telecoms data work harder in your business.   

Here are six ways our telecoms data and services are different:

  1. The processes we go through to refine our data

We’re continually reviewing, refining and cleaning our numbering data to ensure that it is accurate and up to date for our customers. As an example, in one typical 35-day period we perform a Global Number Range (GNR) data cleanse, which typically includes:

  • Updating 8,500 number range records
  • Completing a full review of 17 countries
  • Identifying and integrating five major number plan changes
  • Updating 2,700+ ranges for minor changes
  • Identifying changes in 35 countries

This process is continuous, and the outcome is highly accurate data that enables you to route your traffic with confidence, while lowering costs and increasing end user satisfaction.

  1. The sheer number of data records

XConnect maintains the world’s largest number intelligence database, available via direct download or real-time, ultra-low latency number lookup queries. We provide you with access to more than 3 million records of numbering data spanning more than 35 countries via our number portability service, while our GNR data covers 11,000 operators in 233 countries.

Our dedicated team of number information experts have created proprietary techniques to ingest data from Telecommunications Authorities, the ITU (International Telecoms Union) and IR.21 data sources. XConnect’s Operations team then uses information from its own voice network and global number portability operations to verify, test and investigate identified data issues. 

  1. The granularity of our data

XConnect number intelligence enables customers to route traffic in the traditional way, such as Country Codes (CC) and National Destination Codes (NDC). However, our data is more refined and enables customers to validate numbers using more digits. The result is more efficient routing, better mitigation of OBR risk such as invalid A-number, more effective fraud detection such as unallocated B-Numbers, as well as improvement across settlement, rating and billing. We offer granular data that enables you to manage your traffic with precision.

  1. Rapid access to new intelligence

Customers can use our ultra-low latency query services to support CLI validation, B-number analysis and Number Portability in real-time. Our database response times are typically 1-2 milliseconds, enabling customers to quickly make precise decisions about how to manage their traffic. The result is rapid access to data that supports new levels of security, efficiency and profitability. Customers are able to build trust with their partners, reduce disputes and move faster to optimise the traffic on their network.   

  1. Our expertise in data and data management

XConnect is more than just its data. Our world-renowned routing, number information as well as privacy and security experts, have 100s of combined years of experience in designing, building, operating and supporting telephone number database services globally. 

Founded in 2004, and headquartered in London, UK, we have been working with 250+ customers for over 10 years to solve the world’s toughest numbering and interconnect challenges. Our experience and expertise mean our data is more than the sum of its parts, creating a whole range of opportunities to optimise our customers’ operations.

  1. We use our data ourselves

We ensure the quality and accuracy of our data by using it ourselves. Unlike competitors offering similar services in the market, we actually use our own data internally to serve our customers. This gives us immediate insights into the value, efficiency and precision that our data can deliver.

We don’t just sell data sets. We use it to improve and optimise our own business.

At XConnect, we empower you with telecoms data that helps you to reach business objectives. We’ve been developing our data sets since 2004 and you can benefit from our cost-efficient model for enhancing your data, as well as our years of experience. Rather than investing in building out your own data sets, we can offer you immediate access to mission-critical data.

It is easy and efficient to differentiate your business using telecoms data and rapidly deliver new value in your internal operations and for your customers. Accurate and granular data can elevate your business to another level.

If you’re looking at different options for enhancing your data or would like to learn more how we can help you solve challenges and grow your business, get in touch. We can offer some advice for getting started.  

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