Prioritising Mobile Engagement Security

Prioritising Mobile Engagement Security Lee Suker

As smart phones continue to dominate our online experience, whether its banking, e-commerce or social media, the industry must prioritise online safety objectives and deliver enhanced protection against identity theft, as well as device and network vulnerabilities.  The mobile industry is responding to these needs in a variety of ways, for example:

  • The Application to Person (A2P) SMS industry is deploying technical countermeasures to help reassure enterprises and guarantee that high trust in SMS messaging prevails and continues to compete favourably with other OTT service.
  • MNOs are responding to subscribers’ expectations of ‘built-in’ malware and threat protection by launching additional services that protect their subscribers’ from m-commerce and m-banking vulnerabilities.
Assured SMS & Number Validation

We’re also contributing to these industry goals in a number of ways:

  • Earlier this year, XConnect launched ‘Assured SMS’ aimed at helping its enterprise messaging customers improve ecosystem trust and achieve service efficiencies goals by isolating bad senders, identifying malicious content and optimising delivery paths.
  • Through its ‘Phone Intelligence’ portfolio, XConnect uses Number Portability Analytics and Account Takeover Protection APIs support risk assessment of mobile transactions prior to submission.

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Protecting the SMS Ecosystem

To enable the industry to satisfy the market needs, supply chain co-operation is critical, as is the recognition that commercial aggregation is essential to achieve the necessary market reach and coverage.  In addition, the supply chain must put in place the right data protection measures and partners cannot be held liable for any vulnerabilities that persist despite attempts to mitigate them.

In recognition of these market requirements,  XConnect’s ISO 27001: 2013 certified Index platform provides a secure, policy based infrastructure for partners to publish data and customer to subscribe to services that will mitigate against a number of different threats.  Index currently supports a number of different services including:

  • Sim Swap : determine the date of the last sim swap
  • Interconnect Risk : determine if the home network has registered a number on a foreign network
  • Port History : determine the date of the last number port
  • Call-Forward : determine if a telephone number has been permanently forwarded to a different number
  • KYC : verify known personal information against third party sources
XConnect’s Services

Whilst the industry direction is clear, the availability of raw data to support these services is still nascent.  To this end, XConnect is working with a number of data suppliers to launch services in different market.  If you are interested in becoming a customer of any of the services and market in the table below or you would like to collaborate on other services and markets, please let your account manager know.

Sim Swap
Interconnect Risk
Port History
France Y Y
Nigeria Y
Indonesia Y Y
Ukraine Y Y
Africa Y Y
Asia Y Y Y

For further information about the topics discuss in this blog, you can get in touch with the author, Lee Suker, Market Development Director and Data Protection Officer.

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