MEF Interview with Tim Ward: The future of A2P messaging and RCS

Tim Ward, XConnect’s VP of Number Information Services, was recently interviewed by the MEF on the future of application-to-person messaging (A2P) and Rich Communication Services (RCS).


Partial Transcript:

“[RCS is] a technology that has been lurking in the background; no-ones been quite sure what to do with it, however the momentum has grown in the last 12 month period and all of a sudden it’s been recognised that the business messaging world has a real opportunity to up their game.

“The technology is actually quite ready, it’s in our phones, but you feel from an end-user perspective it’s still in stealth mode… from a business perspective there are only a few companies that have grasped it whole-heartedly – and that’s the next thing that has to happen, stepping over the parapet and the combination of it becoming day to day and something everybody’s going to use, and giving the enterprise and A2P world the opportunity to take advantage of that.”

“It’s going to be a country by country adoption. It always is with these kind of things. It will be what grabs people’s attention and becomes the natural way of doing things. Once a couple of large brands have really adopted and driven the communication with their customers in that way, everyone will want to do it because it seems to me to be a very obvious step, which takes you away from being dependent on loaded apps and allows messaging to become rich.”

As RCS is adopted, mobile number portability will continue to play a critical role, find out more about XConnect’s Number Information Services.

XConnect is a founding signatory of the MEF’s Future of Messaging Programme.

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