Key Takeaways from Carriers World 2019

Carriers World 2019

Carriers World 2019 helped to shine a light on how wholesalers need to transform every aspect of their business, seek greater efficiencies especially in the tight margins of international voice as well as develop new offerings to market. In addition, wholesalers must embrace disruptive technology and innovation that delivers a highly automated, efficient network as an agile building block that supports their customers digital ecosystems.


XConnect’s CEO, Eli Katz, did a great job on the panel of pointing out how real-time number, network and subscriber information is becoming an essential component of efficient and secure communications. “An increasing number of international voice business units of Tier 1 Operators and carriers are now utilising Number Information services, including Number Portability and Number Range information to drive business transformation in routing, accounting and fraud management functions. These services deliver significant improvements in gross margin, call quality (including HD), management of origin-based rating (OBR) surcharges and fraud detection.”


Tim Ward, XConnect’s VP of Number Information Services, pointed out that 50% of countries today offer mobile number portability and in many of these countries 30% – 70% of numbers have been ported, if you still use traditional prefix routing, you might as well route randomly.”


XConnect expanded on how they are also helping MNO’s and wholesalers create new revenue opportunities:

  • Carriers are expanding their portfolio’s to include A2P business messaging and a full suite of voice services. Business Messaging is a focus for carriers due to its growth driven by Two Factor Authentication (2FA) and the requirement for a “trusted” messaging channel. This positions carriers for broader business services around CPaaS and RCS, but requires different customer interaction models and supporting information. XConnect’s Number Information Services is one of the leading sources of routing and validation information for the Application to Person, A2P, ecosystem, and serves the carriers in the same way.


  • Secondly, there was a great debate and questions from the audience about how one of biggest business opportunities for MNOs is enabling access to critical subscriber information to reduce fraud and improve identity validation, payment and e-commerce transactions. Tim Ward comment that “fraud is affecting wholesale, retail and users… and having access to industry information that helps you identify where the risks are is a critical step towards protecting the end to end business.” This is a challenge to the entire industry that requires secure, GDPR compliant architectures, supply chains and services. Xconnect NIS is an early market adopter and has developed a secure, scalable platform for operators and enterprise to securely access highly valued subscriber information

For further information about the topics discuss in this blog, you can get in touch with the author, Lee Suker, Market Development Director and Data Protection Officer.

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