Video Assistant Referee cleaning up football? XConnect VAR cleans customer contact information!

XConnect's Valid Allocated Reachable cleans customer contact information (Number Validation)


Okay, VAR is a cheap joke, but it did prove to be controversial in the 2018 World Cup.  Many arguing that VAR is cleaning up football.  Which is a segway to describe why XConnect have been working on tools to help clean up customer contact data, and enable our customers to check if telephone numbers are authentic.

XConnect Global Networks launched a new product line, called Phone Intelligence, which utilises status information relating to the subscriber, network connection, or device to verify the authenticity of telephone numbers and thereby improve customer experience, reduce fraud risk, and improve trust in digital services.

Using our Number Validation services you will be able to determine if a number is:


Valid – Is the number properly formatted, fixed or mobile and does it exist within a valid number range?


Allocated – Has the valid number been allocated to an operator?


Reachable – Is the number capable of receiving a message or a call?


Whilst FIFA use of VAR will continue to be controversial, using XConnect Phone Intelligence is a simple and effective way to improve your customer data quality.

Phone Intelligence enables you to provide better communication services to your customers. XConnect use information from hundreds of global telecommunications operators and national telecoms regulators through a safe, privacy compliant service.

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