Number Validation

Number Validation is the process of determining if a telephone number is accurate. 

XConnect’s Valid, Allocated, Reachable (VAR) is a customisable, multi-stage number validation service.

Most businesses place a high value on the accuracy of their customers’, employees’, and suppliers’ mobile numbers because the mobile device is often the primary means of communication and can also be a method of authentication. 

Therefore, telephone number data quality is critical.

Key Benefits

Reduce communication costs

Improve contact centre efficiency

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Identity risk

Enhance data quality

How it works

Maximising telephone number validation performance and flexibility for different applications requires a selectable multi-stage process. XConnect’s Valid, Allocated, Reachable (VAR) service performs a sequence of three gated tests, proactively manages a network of HLR Lookup data sources and, where available, returns the operational status of a given telephone number. 


Determines if a number exists within a national regulated number plan, whether the number is fixed or mobile and if the number is the correct length.


Determines if a number has been allocated to an individual by the telecommunications service provider. 


Determines if a number is available and ready to receive a message or voicecall.       

Comparing different number validation services

Typically, number validation solutions have either used regular expressions, international number plans, HLR Lookup or direct operator interfaces.  The truth is that some of these methods don’t work or have significant limitations if used in isolation and customers are often lulled into a false sense of data quality.

Why Choose XConnect's Number Validation Service? 

XConnect has developed a new number validation service called VAR because existing solutions on the market were either a one-size fits all or they failed to clearly articulate their service limitations to customers. 

Any Number Validation service must be adaptable to support your application requirements,  accurate in order to maximise data quality, accessible using standard interface and protocols, highly available to support your customer SLAs and secure to support compliance requirement. 

XConnect’s VAR is developer friendly using an HTTPS interface, has a gated 3 step process to maximise quality and proactively manages multiple data source to ensure accuracy. 

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