A-Number Validator

Using XConnect's Global Number Range data to prevent surcharges from Origin Based Rating (OBR)

Origin Based Rating (OBR) requires voice operators to be able to take account of not only the B-Number (Destination Number) but also the A-Number (Calling Line Identity/CLI- which defines the Origin Country) when rating and routing calls.

OBR is increasingly prevalent in the market with more and more Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) imposing OBR based rates for termination.

Typically in OBR rate sheets, invalid A-Numbers are charged at the most expensive surcharge rate, which can be over 500 times the standard termination.

A key problem for voice service providers when offering OBR based pricing is therefore the ability to identify calls with ‘Invalid A-Numbers’ and either block them, or charge at the correct rate.

A-Number Validator

Increased business intelligence

The XConnect A-Number Validator is a simple to implement solution which allows voice SPs to offer OBR based pricing, while being protected from unexpectedly high termination costs and resultant disputes and loss of margin.

A-Number Validator is a real-time query solution to detecting invalid A-Numbers using the XConnect Global Number Range (GNR) dataset.

Customers can also download the GNR dataset for integration into their own solutions or work with one of our partners who have the service integrated into their platforms.

XConnect ‘s plug-and-go A-Number Validation Service uses global number range data to pre-validate phone numbers. Read our latest use case which covers how a carrier:

  • Can validate A-Numbers, as significant increases in surcharges arrive in the UK.
  • Can limit their exposure to surcharges in just days.  
  • Can ensure predictable margins across the globe.

Read the use case to understand how you can avoid costly and time-consuming disputes with customers and partners and focus on your core business.

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