Trusted global telephone number information,
built on privacy-by-design principles to optimise
communication performance, reduce fraud and protect individuals.

We have millions of numbering records and other data sets that enable you to benefit from direct routing, ensure message delivery, mitigate fraud and OBR losses, and offer advanced services like HD Voice, RCS, and IoT.

We ensure our quality standards by continually optimising, growing and finding new ways to make telecoms data work harder in your business, supporting new levels of security, efficiency and profitability.

Provides network information about the current network service provider for a given mobile number, and tells you if a number is ported out from the original number range holder. 

For each country, E.164 number groups (known as number ranges) are assigned to licensed telecommunications providers.  XConnect’s Number Range service provides information about the service provider allocation and intended purpose of any E.164 number.

HLR (Home Location Register) is a database that contains various information about the mobile subscribers of a network. HLR Lookup is a service that dynamically contacts a central database (on the operator’s side) that contains details of each mobile phone subscriber authorised to use the GSM core network.

Number Validation is the process of determining if a telephone number is accurate. XConnect’s Valid, Allocated, Reachable (VAR) solution is a customisable, multi-stage number validation service.

The mobile device is often an individual’s primary means of communication and is increasingly used as a method of authentication for financial transactions.  Therefore, any information that may indicate the telephone number or mobile device may have been compromised is vital in order to protect the individual and their financial service providers.

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