Home Location Register (HLR) is a component in every Mobile Network Operator’s (MNOs) infrastructure. It tells users how to send traffic to a phone and whether a phone number is active and capable of receiving a message or a call. Unlike Mobile Number Portability (MNP) queries, HLR Lookups obtain mobile phone connectivity and portability data from MNOs directly and in real time.

HLR infrastructure has gone through a recent security and privacy transformation that can permit controlled access to subscriber information for a wide range of applications. It can now assure that information is available to enable voice calls and business messages to be delivered with greater accuracy whilst strictly controlling access to sensitive information through a privacy-by-design approach that maximises trust and offers a consistent global service.

At the same time, HLR is also able to ensure the delivery of business messages related to high-value transactions, innovations in FinTech, and a range of new Application-to-Person (A2P) messaging use cases.

Partnering for success

As the voice and business messaging market diversifies, service providers need new intelligence to ensure quality of service and experience. The challenge is to serve the most demanding segments of the voice and business messaging market whilst offering solutions that deliver precision, performance and trust.

To overcome these challenges, service providers need to harness a trusted partner to remove complexity from making a HLR query.

The right partner will provide the insight and capabilities to increase agility and serve the changing demands in the voice and business messaging markets with a simple and easy-to-deploy solution.

With access to the right HLR provider, users can save costs, guarantee quality and make sure a call is successfully delivered to the intended recipient. Service providers should look for a partner that enables them to:

  • Deploy a collaborative approach. The right partner will be ready to support evolving requirements globally, with 24×7 support as standard.
  • Gain new expertise. It’s important to find an expert partner that can maximise business outcomes and provide professional support with a solution that is built from the ground up to meet changing customer needs.
  • Grow with confidence. Service providers need a solution that can remove the barriers to growth and enable them to execute transactions and capture new revenue streams with ease.
  • Provide a trusted user experience. Deploying the right partner will build trust and provide a high-quality end user experience.

Partnering with a numbering intelligence expert takes the major pain away from obtaining HLR information by making it easy to access data from a wide range of sources and consume the right insight needed to determine whether a number is active and reachable without compromising privacy or security.

Partnering for success

HLR access by third parties has experienced a technical transformation, with the implementation of firewalls and policy enforcement that has solved issues of the past around security, fraud and misuse and can now play a critical role in voice routing, validation and reachability.

To capture the innovation of HLR, XConnect proactively tests and manages a global network of HLR Lookup suppliers. Daily baseline tests are performed to check for availability and response accuracy and the best providers are activated for each mobile network.

XConnect’s data has a track record of successfully delivering accuracy when returning queries. Service providers gain not just new data sets, but a valued partner that provides it with the ability to offload complex data management challenges and grow value in their voice and business messaging offerings with a seamless solution that enhances the quality of their communications.

With Status Live, service providers can enrich customer communication to support the next evolution of voice and business messaging and build trust and value by improving the quality of communication.

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