MoNage – Boston, USA

Our A2P customers enable the conversational web. Whether it is through SMS or RCS, XConnect's Numbering Information Services (NIS) help our A2P customers make it happen.

MoNage has become the place where people who are interested in the future of the Conversational Web join together and explore. To date over 100 speakers have already been confirmed to the conference.

The core markets that XConnect serve are all at the heart of the conversational web.  Our A2P customers are enabling this revolution, whether it is through SMS or RCS.  XConnect’s Numbering Information Services (NIS) help our A2P customers make it happen.

XConnect attend this event to explore the future hand in hand with our customers and to make sure that our innovations continue to support the needs of the industry.

XConnect’s CEO, Eli Katz, is a speaker at this event.  Eli will be sharing his thoughts on the delivery challenges of rich messaging.  Here is the speaker schedule.

For further details, please click on the MoNage event page


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