Robocalls, smashing, account takeovers, and so many other threats are on the rise. These threats are costing organizations and individuals alike billions and are harming us all in other ways—they’re causing anxiety, loss of time and reputation, identity left, eroding trust, and more. The facts are simple, bad actors are slipping through the cracks and causing harm, and good actors are getting blocked. In this Mobile Ecosystem Forum session, we explored what the industry is doing to maintain a safe, secure, and reliable mobile ecosystem, including programs like STIR/SHAKEN, The Campaign Registry, Sender ID, and more. The panelists were: 

  • Eli Katz, Founder & CEO – XConnect
  • Eric Priezkalns, Chief Executive – Risk & Assurance Group
  • Soren Schafft, Founder & CEO – The The Campaign Registry
  • John Bruner, President & CEO – Aegis Mobile