MEF Connects Personal Data & Identity

Steps for Reinforcing Trust in Connections, Communication, Commerce - June 2022

What we can do today and in The Future Personal data, identity, and mobile are now foundational to any commercial endeavor. For individuals and companies to connect, communicate, and commercially exchange value with each other trust is paramount. This session will share insights on how we build and establish trust today, by leveraging services like mobile number intelligence and the simplest and most effective of mechanisms, OTP messaging. It will also show how these services are future-proofed and can be seamlessly integrated with emerging people-centric approaches to personal data and identity management.

Panellists for this discussion were:

  • Lee Suker - Head of Authentication and Number Information at Sinch
  • Tim Ward - VP Number of Information Services, XConnect
  • Vladimir Gerneshii - Head of Product Strategy and GTM, Global Message Services GMS