XConnect has been shortlisted for ‘Best Voice/UCaaS Service Innovation’ in Capacity’s Global Carrier Awards 2021. We have been recognised for our commitment to supporting carriers in tackling voice fraud with our Global Number Range Data. 

Fighting voice fraud is more important for carriers than it has ever been. They must explore new ways to combat it and take a systematic approach to identifying and mitigating it across their networks. 

Increasingly sophisticated fraudsters, downward pressure on margins and a challenging business environment where roaming revenues have disappeared, are all driving the need for effective fraud management systems. The overall health of the voice ecosystem depends on maintaining margins and ensuring losses to fraud are minimised. Otherwise, carriers will be winning business while margins are eroded, not just by OTT competition, but by organised crime.

The challenge is to take a multifaceted approach to fighting voice fraud, optimising systems and processes, and giving the best possible chance to identify and mitigate fraud losses. There is no one silver bullet, but there are opportunities to expand capabilities and support systems with new intelligence. No single platform will stop all voice fraud, but carriers can increase their chances of success by looking at the problem from multiple angles.

While most carriers have invested in fraud management systems to examine it directly in the call path, and deployed rule-based policies, they often overlook the value that global numbering intelligence can deliver. Carriers can add global number range data to their anti-fraud strategies and increase the precision of their traffic blocking, while ensuring they maximise their revenue. They can analyse phone numbers down to the last 2, 3 and 4 digits.

While many carriers have internal data sets, they can be immediately expanded to increase granularity of data across more markets and operators. XConnect provides carriers with access to more than 5.3million known ranges for 14,000 operators in 234 countries.

Ultimately, carriers that start fighting against voice fraud gain greater control over their traffic, benefit from predictable margins and avoid lost revenue opportunities.

We are excited to attend the awards ceremony and hopefully taking home the trophy! We wish everyone the best of luck and look forward to seeing the full list of winners that have transformed our industry with innovative solutions.