East Brunswick, NJ, June 29, 2021 – Somos, Inc., a leading provider of number registry management and data solutions in North America, today announced its acquisition of XConnect, a London-based provider of trusted global telephone number information services that optimize communications across the voice and messaging channels. XConnect will operate as a wholly owned subsidiary of Somos. Together, the two companies will deliver an unmatched portfolio of number administration, business messaging, routing data, identity verification, and identity management products for the global telecommunications industry.

“The trust economy is in full swing, and organizations that cultivate greater levels of trust are better positioned to thrive in this new era,” said Gina Perini, Chair of the Board and CEO of Somos, Inc. “Somos and XConnect have built solutions to bring greater confidence and convenience to how people and brands communicate. Now, we are combining the best of what each of us offers to create a global identity management platform needed by a rapidly evolving telecommunications industry. We are thrilled to welcome XConnect to the Somos team!” 

“Somos and XConnect have an incredible opportunity to be the global leader in trusted numbering and identity information services,” said Eli Katz, XConnect’s founder and CEO. “By joining forces, we expand our capabilities to be able to provide greater value to service providers, enterprises, and other organizations seeking to improve how they manage the trustworthiness, timeliness, and cost of both local and international communications.”

In North America, Somos is the trusted administrator of both the North American Numbering Plan for more than 3 billion local and wireless telephone numbers and the Reassigned Number Database. Additionally, Somos operates the SMS/800 TFN Registry for more than 42 million Toll-Free Numbers in North America, and the TSS Registry, the centralized registry for the use of Toll-Free Numbers in text messaging and multimedia services. 

As an active participant in the development and support of the STIR/SHAKEN framework in the United States, Somos is addressing the need to eliminate telecom fraud through products such as TFN Identity to support Caller Name Information (CNAM) on Toll-Free Numbers, as well as RealNumber to provide Enterprise Right-To-Use verification and protect trusted business numbers from fraudulent calls and illegal spoofing. 

XConnect is an expert in providing trusted telephone number intelligence to world leading telecommunications providers. The company delivers carrier-grade services to operators globally, including Tier 1 global mobile network operators, carriers, and business messaging providers, as well as participates in multiple standards bodies and security organizations for global communications. The XConnect portfolio includes solutions for voice and messaging routing, fraud protection, and the identification and validation of insights.


About Somos, Inc.

As the world becomes more interconnected, Somos enables brands, consumers, and communities to communicate in an environment of greater trust and convenience. Somos is a global source of number administration, routing data, identity verification, and identity management services for the telecommunications ecosystem. As the trusted administrator of the North American Numbering Plan (NANPA), Toll-Free Numbering (TFNA), and the Reassigned Number Database (RNDA), we support 1,400 service providers in North America and manage 3.3 billion numbers to enable seamless communications between enterprises and consumers.

Through our portfolio of products and services, and a collaborative approach in everything we do, Somos helps ensure trust in an increasingly digital world while delivering value, innovation, and results to consumers. To learn more about Somos, please visit www.somos.com.


About XConnect

XConnect optimizes global communication services by providing trusted global network and subscriber information, based on privacy-compliant phone number data that includes number portability and risk attributes. It delivers carrier-grade services to the world’s largest Tier 1 operators, including MNOs, business messaging (A2P) hubs, aggregators, carriers, and identity/validation providers, processing 18 billion queries a year, and is ISO 27001:2013 certified.

XConnect is an active member of the Mobile Ecosystem Forum and GSMA, and holds a number of patents related to ultra-low latency number information technology, fraud detection, and attributes in call signaling. To learn more about XConnect, please visit www.xconnect.net.


Media Contacts:
Michelle Larsen
Senior Vice President & Chief Experience Officer, Somos


Henrietta Shone
Vice President Marketing, XConnect