A European Mobile Network Operator (MNO) was looking for a way to protect its margins while delivering an optimised experience for customers. As the opportunity in business messaging grows and voice remains a critical application, it wanted a way to solve challenges across both areas of its business. It needed to reduce its exposure to voice fraud and origin-based rating (OBR), while enhancing its existing data to ensure rapid and accurate message delivery.

To gain competitive advantages and ensure long-term sustainability, it needed to find a cost-effective solution that could optimise both revenue streams. Rather than looking at the challenges separately, it collaborated with XConnect to develop a solution that could cascade across its product lines. 

It selected XConnect to implement a full range of services to reduce its exposure to fraud and OBR, as well as maintain and update its data to enable it to meet both its voice and messaging service requirements. It needed to be seen as a trusted provider, and with XConnect’s data management and solutions, it was already one step ahead.

The Challenge

The uncertainty and changes in user behaviour over the last 12 to 18 months refocused the MNO on maintaining margins and growing its business messaging services. The reduction in roaming revenues created a challenging financial situation where it needed to maximise the value of every minute and message on its network.

The MNO was seeing OBR surcharges appearing on its bills with increasing frequency. A growing number of MNOs in different markets were adding surcharges that were not appearing on bills for 6 months or more. Voice fraud over the last 12 to 18 months was ramping up and it needed to reduce losses to maintain its margins.

At the same time, it wanted increase customer satisfaction and loyalty in the business messaging market. It needed to guarantee the speed and accuracy of message delivery to prove the quality of experience it could deliver to enterprise customers. The MNO wanted to control its traffic, capture predictable margins and provide a service of high performance and precision. 

The challenge was to find a partner that allowed it to manage data relating to both its voice and messaging services on one platform, without increasing costs or complexities. The MNO needed a partner that understood its complex requirements for both its voice and messaging services and one that could turn around a solution quickly.

It chose XConnect because the team was able to understand and solve the complexities that the MNO was facing around routing, rating and validation across both the voice and messaging areas of its business and provide high quality global data, backed up by24/7 support going forwards.

The Solution

The MNO chose XConnect for its comprehensive solutions set and expertise in using global number intelligence to solve both voice and messaging challenges. Global Number Range (GNR) data was deployed to tackle OBR surcharges and fraud losses, while its Mobile Number Portability (MNP) data services were used to optimise the delivery of business messages. Using a combination of services allowed the MNO to tackle the different processes and workflows it required with a single provider.

The team at XConnect was able to understand the MNO’s requirements  and using one partner for both voice and messaging took the burden and complexity away from the MNO, enabling it to focus on building customer trust and loyalty.

The MNO was able to improve routing, rating, and validation, increase margins and provide a better service to its customers, while improving operational efficiency and meeting its data requirements.

The relationship with XConnect is also two way – the MNO provides XConnect with up to date and accurate number portability data from its networks, allowing more precise and secure data for all of XConnect’s customers.  


  • Higher Margins

The MNO was able to reduce transit fees with simple and cost-efficient solutions to enhance its data and deliver voice and messaging across its platform. 

  • 24/7 Expertise

XConnect provided expertise and insight into using GNR and MNP data for the MNO’s issues and enabled it to stop OBR losses and enhance its message delivery service. 

  • Improved Performance

XConnect enabled the MNO to increase the accuracy of its message delivery systems with a simple and cost-efficient solution.

  • Routing Optimisation

The MNO was able to improve its routing, rating and validation, enabling it to increase margins and enhance customer experiences.

  • Updated and Refined Data Sets

The MNO’s data was being continually updated, refined and cleaned to maximise accuracy.

  • Rapid Deployment

The MNO was able to expand data sets and use data to create new efficiencies, optimise operations, and accelerate its growth.

“MNOs are unifying their back-office systems for supporting both voice and messaging services. There is an opportunity to enhance their global number intelligence to support both product lines with a single data provider. This removes complexity from optimising services and enables MNOs to protect margins and grow new lines of business. We deliver solutions that enable MNOs to deliver services with precision, performance and trust to their subscribers. We take complexity out of telecoms data so MNOs can focus on their core businesses and ensure customer loyalty and trust.”

Eli Katz, Founder and CEO, XConnect