Fraudsters are manipulating messaging services with the Artificial Inflation of Traffic (AIT). This takes place when fraudsters deploy a bot which then requests a one-time password (OTP) or two-factor authentication (2FA) code to a premium rate or invalid number. AIT is a growing challenge for Big Tech’s messaging services, resulting in organisations paying out for fake traffic that has no prospect of being converted into real business.

Without proper systems in place for traffic validation, Big Tech companies will continue to face large-scale losses. However, number information services such as Global Number Range (GNR) and Mobile Number Portability (MNP) data can help them take control of their messaging. Without these, revenue assurance may be impacted, leading to large financial losses.

Securing A2P Against AIT

Big Techs can use GNR and MNP data to verify numbers, reduce failures, and increase margins. The implementation of global numbering intelligence makes it simple to route traffic to valid and active users by helping to avoid delivery to incorrect and inactive numbers.

Flexible access to high-quality number information services enables routing optimisation preventing unnecessary costs from attempts to deliver traffic to both incorrect and fraudulent numbers.

Deploying Dependable Data

XConnect’s proven GNR and MNP data provides:

Reduced Termination Costs. Routing communications directly to a terminating operator rather than through intermediaries increases margins.

Service Level Improvements.  Direct routing removes interconnection delays, avoids unnecessary business support, improves delivery assurance and leads to a better customer experience.

Sophisticated Routing. MNP data is continuously updated, refined and cleaned to maximise routing accuracy.

We undertake more than 1 million number updates every single day using our MNP data, providing advanced communication efficiency. Our data includes 45 onboard databases and multiple sources of external data.

For more information on how our GNR and MNP data can help you take control of your messaging service outcomes, get in touch here.