The voice industry is a challenging environment for Big Tech when it comes to fighting fraud. Even though Big Techs dominate in their respective industries and provide services for millions of end-users, they still struggle to build genuine trust in voice as fraudsters continue to target their services.

Naturally, the large amounts of money these tech giants generate makes them prime targets for fraud, and the voice services provided by Big Techs are particularly at risk. A considerable part of their customer service is delivered through one-to-one voice calls, however this is being exploited by fraudsters. The bad actors that perpetrate these attacks continue to develop increasingly sophisticated methods, costing companies millions a year.

Voice Services at Risk

Voice traffic has recently become a popular target for threat actors, as they can make use of Artificially Inflated Traffic (AIT) to commit large-scale attacks. The aim of this type of fraud is to inflate online service traffic for financial gain.

Threat actors’ methods are continuing to grow in sophistication, with the contact centres of Big Tech companies being constantly targeted. The voice services of these companies are now facing further challenges in the form of illegitimate call back requests. This particular method of attack involves creating a fake account that requests a call back. This will then be routed through a premium rate number, generating a high calling fee.

If they fail to effectively validate their traffic, they will be costing themselves unnecessary fees harming their revenue and margin.

Taking Control with GNR

It is possible for Big Tech companies to protect themselves from voice fraud by pre-validating calls using Global Number Range (GNR) data. GNR data allows companies to fight fraud and avoid costly surcharges by determining whether a number range is valid and allocated to a legitimate provider.

With GNR, companies can pre-validate numbers at an incredible pace ensuring they always deliver calls to legitimate end users, minimising both lost revenue and the opportunity for fraud.

GNR data provides:

  • Validation – Deploying a GNR database is an incredibly fast and simple way to tackle AIT by pre-validating numbers. These numbers are validated before the system responds, meaning budgets are protected from costly surcharges 
  • Authentication – Users of Big Tech companies can rest assured knowing they will be provided with only legitimate call requests.
  • Accuracy - Voice services can be executed with accuracy every time as GNR data ensures call back requests have come from a legitimate number.

Big Tech companies will be able to gain full visibility of their traffic and validate it accordingly.

Why Choose XConnect

Up to date data intelligence is the only way to protect against the growing threat of AIT.

Covering 14,000 operators in 233 countries, XConnect ensures the data it supplies is constantly checked, and in an average month we:

  • Update up to 100,000 number range records
  • Identify changes in 35 countries

Voice fraud is not going anywhere, anytime soon so it is crucial that Big Tech companies are proactive in their defence to prevent devastating losses.

XConnect can provide the tools to strengthen voice outcomes and increase user trust with GNR. We consolidate, maintain, and deliver trusted number intelligence to the world’s leading telecommunication service providers.

For more information and advice please contact the XConnect team here.