A2P aggregators have an opportunity to differentiate their offers and create new competitive advantages with global number intelligence. As business messaging spend grows amongst enterprises, aggregators must ensure that they are delivering high-performance services with maximum accuracy. Enhancing their global mobile number portability data (MNP) can be one of the simplest and fastest ways to increase customer loyalty and compete on quality rather than cost. 

Our new eGuide ‘Precision, Performance and Trust in A2P Messaging: A Guide to Optimising Business Messaging with Global Number Intelligence,’ outlines the solution A2P aggregators can optimise to capture the opportunity in business messaging.

It will cover the following:

  1. Capturing the Billion-Dollar Opportunity in Business Messaging
  2. Secure and Optimised User Experiences: Capturing the Opportunity in 2FA
  3. Ensuring Telia delivers high quality A2P message traffic for its customers
  4. Case Study: Direct A2P SMS Routing: Rapidly Delivering Two Factor Authentication Codes
  5. XConnect: By the Numbers 

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Opportunities in Two-Factor Authentication, Rich Communications Services (RCS) and business messaging overall are too large to offer ‘best effort’ solutions or be satisfied with subscriber data that may be out of date.

MNP is available in over 100 countries worldwide and in many countries over 40% of numbers have been ported. That means A2P aggregators have to ensure that their MNP data is accurate, continually refreshed, and simple to manage.

“To stay ahead, A2P service providers need to innovate quickly as well as optimise their technical operations. Flexible access to high quality number information services enables that optimisation and our customers outsource this to us in order to focus their energy on market innovation and routing optimisation,” said Tim Ward, VP Number Information Services.  

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