Origin Based Rating (OBR) is a subject we’ve been talking about for some time but it’s growing in impact and importance as it’s introduced in more and more regions. 

OBR takes the origination and termination of a call into account when billing. Based on the country of the call’s origin, the terminating network may apply a surcharge to the mobile termination rates (MTRs). Unanticipated surcharges are common and can be 10x the cost, with some even reaching 35x the standard termination rate.

We’re hearing more and more customers are fearing these surcharges and blocking routes rather than having to foot the bill...

…But that’s not something you have to do.

Using our GNR data set you can pre-validate A numbers – then you don’t have to block all the traffic, only that which will incur penalties.

It provides a simple and data-driven approach to stopping OBR losses before they can impact your bottom line. Our approach supports advanced business rules for routing, profit protection and adding value on top of existing OSS/BSS systems.

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We've put together a handy eGuide that outlines the solution carriers can implement to stop losses from OBR and capture predictable margins\; 



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