We’re delighted to announce that our CEO, Eli Katz, has made Capacity Magazine’s Power 100 for 2021. 

 As CEO of XConnect, Eli has led the strategic direction of the company since 2005 when it launched its Interconnection and Number Registry services, through to the Number Information Services the company provides today. Through his relentless drive to ensure quality and service excellence for his customers, he has established XConnect as the leading trusted global provider of Number Intelligence. Eli has worked with industry leaders worldwide to design, develop and implement his XConnect vision and securing £13.5m in private equity funding. Eli has supported and driven the growth of XConnect’s platform, now containing the industry’s largest number of onboard national central porting databases.

Eli is also the co-founder and Chairman of the UK’s IP communications industry body, Comms Council UK (formerly ITSPA), which aims to promote competition and self-regulation, encouraging the development of a flourishing and innovative IP communications industry in the United Kingdom. 

Eli commented, “I’m humbled to be included in the 2021 Capacity Media’s Power 100 list, featuring 100 of the most influential members of the global carrier family. In reality, it is recognition for the global team at XConnect – dynamic and out-of-box thinkers who live and breathe our award winning Number Information Services. They have designed, developed, operated and monetised  our solutions which is providing trusted responses to over 1.5 Billion queries per month to the largest Carriers, A2P providers and MNOs  in the world. So, I salute you all – and I am honoured to accept this accolade on your behalf.”

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