In 2021, XConnect experienced substantial growth, servicing almost 20 Billion queries across our Tier 1 A2P, MNO and Carrier customers, which include some of the largest global players in the voice and messaging industries. All of this is thanks to our accuracy of mission-critical information, industry leading service delivery and ultra-low latency, which our customers and partners can rely on for their real-time applications. Our annually independently audited and globally recognised ISO27001 certification continues to provide the foundation of our information security across all our datasets and services.

In June 2021, a milestone in our journey was the acquisition of XConnect by Somos, Inc., a leading provider of number registry management and data solutions in North America. It marks a new phase for our business and gives renewed focus on our mission and new resources to execute on our strategy to provide trusted information for global connections.

Somos is a perfect fit for XConnect and gives our customers access to a combined portfolio of trusted number administration, business messaging, routing data, identity verification, and identity management solutions in the US and around the world. As a wholly owned subsidiary of Somos, we now benefit from the experience of being a part of the team that runs four of the key USA / FCC regulated numbering databases, covering billions of phone numbers including the North American Numbering Plan (NANPA), and the Reassigned Number Database.

Additionally, Somos operates the SMS/800 TFN Registry for more than 42 million Toll-Free Numbers in North America and the TSS Registry, the centralised registry for the use of Toll-Free Numbers in text messaging and multimedia services. 

Both companies excel in acquiring, normalising and managing mission critical information, and delivering it across multiple real-time data interfaces, for easy access by our customers. This substantially reduces the costly and resource intensive drain when operators undertake this process internally.

What does the acquisition mean for XConnect customers and partners?

The combination of XConnect and Somos provides the trusted platform for global information solutions to the voice, messaging and identity sectors. Not only authoritative Global datasets which are utilised for routing, rating, validation and fraud mitigation, but also innovative services to enable trusted global Caller-ID in the messaging and voice industries.

It means that we will be accelerating and expanding the development of new solutions for customers and driving some key initiatives forward. XConnect has always been more than a database company. We are continually refining how telecoms data is consumed and managed. Our team is ramping up our capabilities and optimising our offering, as well as looking at new services to offer even more value to our customer base.

Customers gain not just new data sets, but a valued partner that provides them the ability to offload complex data management challenges. This, along with our expert support, enables them to focus on their core business.  

At the same time, we’re continuing to push our API strategy and ensure organisations can rapidly incorporate new data sets into their existing systems. We are delivering high-performance and highly accurate data at speed. Customers can use this to support business messaging, voice services, and increasingly, identity and validation. The key is that the data is easy to access and use in a growing number of scenarios. It means more collaboration with customers and an expanding number of services we can enable.  

Origin Based Rating is beginning to cause real carrier pain

The telecoms industry, especially European operators, are now implementing and, many for the first time, are now billing the new OBR surcharges. This is one of the biggest changes in commercial telecoms charging models in decades and is impacting telco’s products, OSS and BSS. So we have seen an increased demand in our global number range (prefix) information – the most comprehensive dataset, with almost 7 million records and averaging 40,000 changes every month! This is used for validation to mitigate OBR penalty surcharges and reduced common IRSF/Wangiri fraud.

This is particularly important to our growing partner ecosystem – providers of advanced routing and fraud platform solutions to the industry – as we support them to optimise and enhance their services for customers and end users. We are enabling partners to seamlessly bring new value add services to voice and messaging customers underpinned with XConnect data.

As we look at this next phase of XConnect’s growth, we’re focused on highly accurate, trusted sources of global telecoms information that are easy to consume and integrate into existing systems. The innovation that is happening behind the scenes is dedicated to making data simple, seamless, accurate and secure. At its core, it is about trust and customer experience.  

Delivering trusted data to our customers allows them to innovate and create competitive advantages. We want our customers to have the freedom to use data in new ways and to solve existing and emerging challenges, and our experts are always on hand to support them. 

Emerging trends

  • New Generation of Services

We are finally beginning to see material carrier grade volumes in the next generation of communications services, spanning Rich Communications Services (RCS),the Business Messaging 2.0, to Hi-Def / VoLTE calls to fintech and ecommerce transaction risk factors. These additional services mean our network and subscriber information is being utilised more than ever and we continue to expand our datasets and services in partnership with our bleeding-edge customers to enable further growth.

  • Global Trusted CallerID

Operators are realising that protecting their subscribers is becoming more important to their business than simple revenue growth. This is triggering increased interest in validation of CLI and also trusted Caller-ID. This is a common goal in both the Business Messaging and Telco industries and was one of the drivers of the huge USA FCC mandated STIR/SHAKEN solution introduced during H2 ’21. Somos is actively involved in the USA CallerID ecosystem and we look forward to jointly developing global solutions.

  • Query Platform as a Service

The increasing recognition that information will be a critical differentiator, in both the messaging and voice worlds, is therefore driving players to explore flexible data information platforms and architectures. XConnect is working with the largest players, to develop cloud-hosted, in-network capabilities, based on our award winning secure and flexible information management platform for the telco and messaging industries.

And finally…

In a statement I made back in December 2020, I talked about how I wanted XConnect to be recognised as the leader in messaging and voice intelligence. Not just because of the quality of our data, but the entire customer experience. With Somos, I truly believe we can expand our consultative approach further and help organisations tackle multiple challenges across their businesses.

Working with Somos, we expand our capabilities to be able to provide greater value to service providers, enterprises, and other organisations seeking to improve how they manage the trustworthiness, timeliness, and cost of both local and international communications.

We are coming together to better serve a growing global demand for trusted information for global connections.

It is an exciting time at XConnect, working collaboratively with our partners and customers, to help advance the communications industry for the benefit of the entire eco-system.

Eli Katz, Founder and CEO
XConnect, a Somos Company