Ensuring Telia delivers high quality A2P message traffic for its customers

Telia Carrier

Telia Carrier, the world leading fibre backbone operator, has recently stepped into the A2P messaging market, providing a high quality, secure hub for aggregators and enterprises to terminate messages to all Telia Company affiliate networks. The Telia Carrier Messaging Hub has been designed with the same high service standards that are at the core of all its products and services, and delivers messages across Scandinavia and the Baltics, with plans to expand further.

The Challenge

Fabio Bottan, Senior Messaging Specialist at Telia Carrier explains, “In the beginning it was easy, the traffic pointed in one direction. But, when we started full country coverage, the problems began. We were seeing traffic submitted to us failing, even though it was pointing at Telia, and we had to find the reason why and discover a solution to ensure delivery for our customers.”

On investigation, Telia Carrier found a lot of the issues were related to numbers ported out from Telia to MVNOs, so it needed to find a way to identify these numbers in order to terminate the messages correctly.

The team examined a number of solutions but they didn’t completely solve the problem and were costly. They were aware of the XConnect solution from previous discussions and decided to re-engage with the XConnect team, to investigate whether they could help tackle the challenges they were facing.

Testing the solution

Telia Carrier sent XConnect numbers that the platform was having difficulty identifying and classifying correctly to check against its Number Portability database – the results were 100% accurate against the authorised numbering sources, which meant Telia Carrier could resolve the problems it was having.

Fabio continued, “One customer sent us a list of numbers to test that had been ported, only one message failed and it wasn’t anything to do with Number Portability, so they were very impressed with our service. They didn’t have to go and hunt around for the problem and look at the traffic, because everything worked as it should – and that’s thanks to the quality of XConnect’s data.”


XConnect’s operations and support team were involved from the outset to ensure the setup was successful and met the requirements of Telia Carrier.  Fabio added, “What really impressed me was the set up plan we received from the XConnect support team. It meant when I dealt with our support team here at Telia Carrier, I had all of the information I needed to tell them about why we were using XConnect, how to contact them if we needed to, how we test, what sort of response we should expect. It was just easy.”

Why XConnect?

Fabio concluded, “Telia has always stood for high quality, and it’s no different on the messaging side of the business. The largest aggregators and enterprises send their traffic via us and rely on us to deliver – we have 97% successful termination ratio across Sweden. If we terminate the wrong number, we lose business. But we know we can trust XConnect’s service and that’s why we use them, they are a great fit for what we need.”

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