A2P Markets Evolve Leading to Growth in Number Information Services

Competitive forces and the introduction of mobile operator network access controls have over the last 18 months collapsed the A2P value chain.  Yet rather than stagnate the industry, A2P service providers have adapted and together with trusted new entrants, the market is transforming, resulting in a growth market for Number Information Services. 

Large A2P service companies have emerged through several rounds of mergers and acquisitions and success is dependent on how well they address the challenge of consolidation and customer service innovation.  Tim Ward, VP Number Information Services, states; “To stay ahead, A2P service providers need to innovate quickly as well as optimise their technical operations.  Flexible access to high quality number information services enables that optimisation and our customers outsource this to us in order to focus their energy on market innovation and routing optimisation.” 

In addition, now that most mobile operators are securing their networks to monetise A2P messages and subscriber information services, new trusted supply chains have emerged to substitute those previously compromised by distrust and grey traffic.  Lee Suker, XConnect’s Market Development Director and Data Privacy Officer, states; ‘We are seeing increased demand for GDPR compliant number information especially services like Simswap, Roaming and Number Portability.  This growth is a substitute for grey data services previously available from HLR Lookup suppliers.” 

Dario Betti, CEO of MEF (Mobile Ecosystem Forum), states: “Best practice in the A2P market is focused on delivering high quality services to enterprises. As an industry it’s essential we collaborate to tackle fraud and security in order to maintain trust in A2P messaging channels and services.”

About Us: XConnect Global Networks provides trusted global telephone number information for any given E.164 telephone number.  Services are built on privacy-by-design principles to enable customers to optimise communication performance, reduce fraud and protect their subscribers. www.xconnect.net

About MEF: The Mobile Ecosystem Forum is a global trade body that acts as an impartial and authoritative champion for addressing issues affecting the broadening mobile ecosystem.  We provide our members with a global and cross-sector platform for networking, collaboration and advancing industry solutions. www.mobileecosystemforum.com




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