2014 – XConnect & Telarix Announce Partnership For Integration of XConnect Global Number Portability And Addition of iXTools & iXLink.

PDF – XConnect & Telarix Announce Partnership For Integration of XConnect Global Number Portability And Addition of iXTools & iXLink into Network.


John Wilkinson of XConnect and Vic Bozzo of Telarix met at Carriers World to finalize a deal that adds XConnect to Telarix’s growing list of Ecosystem Partners in addition to XConnect utilizing Telarix’s end to end platform.

XConnect provides intelligent interconnect solutions to carriers across the globe including Number Portability services in many countries including Canada, Germany, Italy, South Africa, UK and USA . Telarix provides billing, settlement, trading, price list management, and routing solutions through its two award winning products, iXTools and iXLink.

There are millions of routing permutations and thousands of destinations in the telecom world today, the need to have a definitive database of valid phone numbers as a parameter for routing choices is a natural addition to Telarix’s quality, commitment and cost routing algorithm. The partnership between Telarix and XConnect will ensure all current and future customers have an integrated way to retrieve Local Number Portability (LNP) data.

This partnership also results in XConnect utilizing Telarix’s platforms for end to end automation in routing, settling, billing and price list management.
“This mutually beneficial partnership will help carriers around the globe manage their revenue and costs more effectively” states John Wilkinson, XConnect President “Telarix is the right choice for XConnect and we are delighted to form a partnership for advanced carrier integration. As we move forward in our relationship with them we look forward to much success.”

“The synergies between Telarix and XConnect will allow customers to access advance levels of integration in a single global framework” states Vic Bozzo, SVP Worldwide Sales and Marketing of Telarix. “The whole of our business is to solve the complex problems carriers face, this strong strategic partnership adds significant value to our customers, resulting in revenue assurance and reduction of costs. We are pleased to welcome XConnect not just as a partner but also as a customer and look forward to a long lasting partnership.”

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