2013 – XConnect & GCXS Partner To Launch Dutch Interconnection Alliance (DIA)

PDF – XConnect & GCXS Partner To Launch Dutch Interconnection Alliance (DIA)



LONDON AND AMSTERDAM, XX MAY, 2013 – XConnect, the leader in Federation-based next generation interconnection and ENUM Registry services, and GCXS, a subsidiary of Global Communications Group, a strategic investment group with 15 years’ experience within the telecommunications market, today announced the launch of the Dutch Interconnection Alliance (DIA).

DIA is a carrier-neutral IP Communications Exchange that offers secure, multilateral interconnection between Next Generation IP networks.

The migration to all-IP networks offers many benefits to network operators, enabling them to improve their competitive positioning through the reduction of costs while at the same time driving new revenues through the introduction of new value added services, such as HD Voice, Video and Unified Communications (UC).

However, the complexities and costs of interconnecting to multiple IP networks to enable the cross-network, end-to-end delivery of IP services are of significant concern for operators. The traditional TDM-based interconnect infrastructure cannot support IP interconnection, meaning the cost benefits of IP are lost and new services are limited to within the operator’s own network and customers.

The DIA resolves these challenges by offering network operators in the Netherlands a secure hub for IP interconnection, with benefits including:

  • Ability to bypass the PSTN, thus reducing transit charges and improving the quality of Voice services
  • Hub-based multilateral IP interconnection, which eliminates the need to create and manage multiple direct bi-lateral interconnects and reduces ongoing capital and operating expenses
  • Number portability corrected routing via a Centralised Number Portability database (CDB) to ensure accurate call routing
  • Support for higher-value, cross-network, multimedia services such Video and HD Voice.
  • Policy control to define and manage the technical terms of each interconnection and support for different settlement models between operators
  • Full management and reporting tools made available via an online customer portal

The DIA combines GCXS’s experience and knowledge of administrating number portability for Service Providers in the Netherlands, with XConnect’s expertise in deploying federation-based interconnection and ENUM registry services to support the delivery of cross-network IP services.

“GCXS, with XConnect will revolutionise IP interconnection in the Netherlands,” said GCXS Operations Director Maurice Vonk. “The Dutch Interconnection Alliance will allow Service Providers and Network Operators to fully realise the benefits of IP communications.”

XConnect CEO Eli Katz said: “The communications market in the Netherlands is one of the most dynamic and competitive in the world with the highest VoIP adoption in Europe. We are delighted to launch the Dutch Interconnection Alliance with GCXS.”

“Together with DE-CIX NGN, our Federation in Germany, this will create a critical mass of interconnected IP-enabled operators in Europe, to further drive the adoption of new, cross network services and therefore increase revenue.”

For more information please visit  www.gcxs.nl

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