2014 – XConnect & Extol Corporation Launch Asia Interconnect Exchange In Malaysia

PDF – XConnect & Extol Corporation Launch Asia Interconnect Exchange In Malaysia


AIX gives local and regional service providers cost-effective and efficient access to IP interconnection services in Southeast Asia

XConnect, the global leader in Federation-based interconnection and Telephone Number Registry services, and Extol, a leading ICT solution provider in Malaysia and Indonesia, today announced the launch of Asia Interconnect Exchange (AIX). AIX provides local and regional service providers with hub-based IP interconnection services allowing them to connect their Next-Generation Networks and VoIP communications seamlessly via a single platform.

Extol and XConnect are launching AIX to facilitate growth in IP services in the region and ensure that service providers can realise the operational efficiency, cost-savings and innovation that comes with the adoption of IP. AIX allows service providers to interconnect to multiple networks via a single IP connection to the AIX hub, supporting the interworking of voice and advanced IP services, such as HD voice, video and Unified Communications (UC) between fixed, mobile and Voice App (OTT) service providers.

“We are committed to delivering and facilitating innovation in the Malaysian and Indonesian ICT sectors and AIX will be a driving force for IP adoption in the country. The transition from legacy TDM networks to IP interconnection is crucial for the development of new IP services and we believe that with a partner like XConnect we can make a lasting impact on ICT in the region. Our collaborative efforts will result in advanced and efficient VoIP interconnect solutions for our customers and new opportunities in IP in the future,” says, Mr. Mohd Badaruddin Bin Masodi, President, Extol Corporation, Malaysia.

The partnership combines XConnects expertise in federation-based interconnection and number registry services with Extol’s market knowledge and service provider relationships. Together XConnect and Extol are offering carriers, service providers, unified communications and video conferencing providers access to interconnection services that will ensure growth in IP adoption and innovation across the region.

“AIX makes IP interconnection simple, secure and accessible for service providers across Malaysia and Indonesia. Extol has a vision for the market and we are pleased to support them as they develop and deliver new IP innovations in Southeast Asia,” says John Wilkinson, XConnect President Global Markets. “We are focused on collaborating with leading service providers around the world and delivering the hub and federation-based interconnection services they need. From our partnership with DE-CIX in Germany to AIX in Malaysia, we make IP interconnection seamless, simple and profitable.”

Malaysia is one of the fastest growing communications markets in Asia with VoIP traffic alone is set to grow at CAGR of 18% to 2018, according to Ovum. In addition mobile broadband connections are due to increase at a CAGR of 11% over the next five years as LTE rolls out. This will take the total number close to 44 million by 2018 or 165% population penetration.
Catherine Haslam, Senior Analyst at Ovum, said “With such high growth from IP-based communications there will be an increasing demand for interconnection from both legacy and IP networks and at a cost base that supports new business models. Federated or hub solutions represent an effective way of meeting both the technical and business requirements for the future of interconnection.”

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