XConnect enables SMS A2P companies in conversational web


Together with our customers we are enabling the conversational web and XConnect’s Numbering Information Services (NIS) help our customers make it happen.

Why simple data access powers stunning mobile services.

As Over-The-Top (OTT) messaging applications like WhatsApp erode traditional SMS traffic, A2P messaging has seen incredible growth. Ovum expects 2.2 trillion A2P messages to be running across mobile networks by 2017, with the total market value racing towards $70 billion.

For enterprises and service providers, A2P messaging offers the ideal channel to drive stronger engagement with customers and improve their experience through everything from marketing campaigns and mobile banking updates, to more secure two-factor authentication.

SMS and its evolution to RCS is a great medium for these use-cases, since it’s device-agnostic and can be delivered to any active number. In contrast, OTT messaging requires an Internet connection to function, which can easily be unavailable or switched off on a customer’s device, particularly if they are roaming abroad.

A data dilemma

The rise of A2P messaging, as well as increasing use of other enhanced mobile services by enterprises and service providers, creates a dilemma. With many organisations now entering the mobile ecosystem whose core business is not voice or messaging, it’s becoming essential to access number information simply and easily. These businesses want to focus on customers, not be bogged down by network and infrastructure concerns.

Mobile Number Portability (MNP) is one of many information services that plays a vital role in supporting A2P enterprise messaging and other enhanced mobile services by enabling optimal routing for traffic between networks, rapid number validation, billing reconciliation and the delivery of tailored applications.

Unfortunately, today MNP information is stored in disparate and often wildly inconsistent national databases around the world. Integrating this data is a painstaking and expensive process that doesn’t become easier over time, given the huge disparity in the way information is stored across different markets.

This back-end confusion can have a big impact: without optimal routing, costs rise, application performance falls and vital messages may go undelivered. Lacking rapid, reliable and secure access to number portability information, organisations face an uphill struggle to provide efficient, high-performance services that leave customers dazzled, not dazed and confused.

While home location register (HLR) lookups offer a possible alternative where data formatting is more consistent, they also create significant security and privacy issues. With the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) now looming on the horizon, operators are becoming increasingly – and understandably – reluctant to allow access to this information.

Global Coverage

To control spending, ensure optimal application performance and reach customers effectively, enterprises and A2P service providers need access to a centralised, cohesive database for MNP information that can be queried easily and securely.

XConnect have solved this challenge with its global coverage Number Portability Query (NPQ) service – empowering enterprises and service providers with one single source of global operator information. With the expansion of our NPQ service, businesses no longer need to take a piecemeal approach to consuming essential number information from multiple sources. We can act as a one-stop-shop worldwide, enabling organisations to focus on their core business and embrace globalisation, while reaping all the benefits of accurate routing information: lower costs, lower latencies and assurance of delivery.

NIS is more than just MNP 

However, number information services are not only about MNP.  Enterprises want to engage customers with context aware rich services on multiple channels and multiple devices.  This requires additional and varied number information, which is why XConnect is launched the Numbering Information Services (NIS) product line which now includes NPQ.

XConnect’s long experience of running interconnect services and managing number portability administration across Europe makes us the perfect company to tackle this challenge. We have the relationships, expertise and technical capabilities to make this wide ranging information easily accessible to the global marketplace, while keeping security and privacy at the heart of everything we do.

Together with our customers, we’re enabling the conversational web for enterprises, making advanced mobile services accessible for organisations of all sizes, anywhere in the world – allowing them to dedicate their valuable time, money and expertise to knowing their customers, not their networking.

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