Number intelligence for voice

Increase precision, performance and trust in your voice traffic with greater visibility and control

XConnect’s global numbering intelligence enables you to: 

  • Mitigate fraud
  • Avoid costly surcharges like Origin Based Rating (OBR)
  • Optimise routing


We enhance and empower your fraud management systems, routing platforms and rating and billing solutions with new granular data sets.

Our global numbering intelligence supports CLI validation, B-number analysis and Number Portability, giving you greater visibility and control over your voice traffic.

When you choose XConnect, you can build trust with your customers and partners by increasing the accuracy, precision and performance of your data and operations.

Fraud Management

Enhance your capabilities in the fight against voice fraud, such as IRSF, through identifying high risk and unallocated number ranges. Activate third-party data or proprietary hot-lists to block fraudulent calls before they cause losses or impact customer satisfaction.


Global routing

Routing Optimisation

Increase routing efficiency, reduce billing complexity, and increase margins by attracting new service traffic. Seamlessly integrate global numbering intelligence across switching infrastructure as well as OSS and BSS technology.

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Mitigate OBR charges

OBR Mitigation

Use global number intelligence to reduce disputes and Stop future losses from Origin Based Rating. Save hundreds of thousands of dollars in surcharges and maximise your margins by identifying invalid A-numbers and correcting costs and rating for number portability.


Advanced services

Enable Advanced Services

Route advanced services like HD Voice, RCS, and IoT to competitive networks, even if a number is ported. Global numbering intelligence enables the direct routing of these services, taking into account number portability to avoid loss of service features, maintain quality and avoid delays.