Ensuring your Two Factor Authentication Codes are Delivered Rapidly Thanks to Better Routing


With two factor authentication (2FA) driving increased demand for A2P SMS, one aggregator was looking for a way to differentiate its offering in a competitive market to help it win more business. It selected XConnect to help it deliver messages to the right place quickly, enhancing experience for its users. 

Research and Markets expects global multi-factor authentication to show double-digit growth between 2020 and 2025, with a CAGR of approximately 14%. The aggregator’s healthcare, retail, and financial service customers are continuing to expand their use of 2FA and need a provider that could deliver messages promptly to its customers.   

To get messages to the right place and as quickly as possible, the aggregator needed to route more of its A2P SMS traffic directly and cut out the number of hops between its customers’ platforms and the end users. While it had its own data sets, it recognised that it needed to enhance its routing data to deliver with greater accuracy and precision. 

By working with XConnect, the aggregator was able to use the Number Portability Query (NPQ) service to enhance its existing data and provide reliable, efficient, high-performance services to customers. 

The Challenge

The challenge for the aggregator was to go beyond the basics and find a cost-efficient way to improve user experience. It wanted to compete on quality instead of cost but needed a path forward for optimising its operations. 

In its core market where over 30% of mobile numbers have been ported, Mobile Number Portability (MNP) has meant that its routing data is increasingly out of date and leads to delayed or failed message delivery for users. The process for authenticating their identity via A2P SMS has become slow and less reliable. Ultimately, it has caused users to put their organisations at risk by turning 2FA off or having to manage a poor experience when using an application or service. Both scenarios are unsatisfactory for high-value customers across key industry verticals.     

The aggregator evaluated Home Location Register (HLR) Lookup as a way to improve its routing of A2P messaging traffic but saw its limitations. It found that HLR Lookup services could only provide information for a limited set of operators and countries and couldn’t deliver the response times it needed. HLR Lookups’ variable quality of service would not meet the strict requirements of customers.

It needed access to a consistent global source of MNP data that could be queried easily and securely. Today MNP data is stored in disparate and often inconsistent national databases around the world. Aggregating and integrating multiple sources is a resource-intensive and time-consuming process. It needs to be continually updated and maintained for accuracy. 

The aggregator was lacking rapid, reliable and secure access to MNP data. It selected XConnect’s NPQ service to provide a simple and cost-efficient way to enhance its data and deliver direct A2P SMS routing. 

The Solution

XConnect listened to the aggregator’s business objectives then evaluated the opportunity in enhancing its MNP data. The team at XConnect helped it to build a business case for adopting its NPQ service and increase the quality of its offering, allowing them to take greater control of A2P message delivery. 

XConnect’s NPQ service gave the aggregator immediate access to continually updated and refined global MNP data. It no longer needed to manage complex data sets but instead relied on XConnect’s unique expertise in using telecoms data to solve challenges and optimise operations. The aggregator no longer needed to take a piecemeal approach to consuming essential MNP from multiple sources. It gained both a partner and rich data sets. 

The aggregator benefited from access to MNP data from more than 100 countries with many showing 40% or more ported numbers, along with number plan data for those that do not yet have MNP.  As a result, it is able to use accurate numbering intelligence to filter out undeliverable traffic while ensuring messages are delivered to the right user rapidly, every time.  

For customers, this means guaranteed and rapid A2P SMS delivery that increases user loyalty, security and trust. The aggregator can demonstrate increased quality of experience with a simple solution and expert support. It can focus on its core business while capturing the opportunity in 2FA. 


“The A2P messaging market has the potential to be worth more than $80 billion dollars over the next five years. Players in the A2P market have an opportunity to differentiate their offers and compete on quality using Mobile Number Portability data. In an increasingly crowded market, data is a competitive advantage and that’s what we deliver for our customers.”

Eli Katz, Founder and CEO, XConnect

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