SMS & Messaging Trends from SMS World: Security & RCS

Orca Wave and XConnect customers increase the profitability of their voice traffic with a real-time OBR optimisation

SMS Messaging Trends from SMS World Security RCS

Capacity Media’s Messaging and SMS World 2019 at the Tower Hotel in London, had a great turn out from the Messaging and SMS ecosystem and brought up many exciting developments in the industry.

Privacy & Security in Business Messaging

One theme that was continuous throughout the event was the need to build trust in messaging. Ensuring customer trust and providing security and privacy are paramount.

SMS World London 2019 Tim Ward XConnect

XConnect’s VP of Number Information, Tim Ward, spoke on panel discussion and interactive Q&A, “What Security Solutions does the Mobile Operator need?” Ward stressed the importance of A2P SMS industry working together to mitigate against the cyber risks in the business messaging supply chain while maintaining the highest standards of personal data protection. 

Ward noted:

“Security in Business messaging is all about the ecosystem where each player must take responsibility. This can be achieved through a common set of values and practices that build trust, not just in an individual company but in the ecosystem, and the MEF’s Trust in Enterprise Messaging initiative, combined with mechanisms for sharing validation and risk information are valuable steps towards achieving this.”

Mobile operators used to use home location register (HLR) lookups to acquire real-time access to basic subscriber information to ensure high performance and efficient delivery for voice traffic and SMS messaging. HLR lookup queries also create substantial security and privacy concerns, from revealing sensitive details, to enabling SMS spam and SIM fraud. The mobile industry has been taking precautions preventing HLR lookup to protect their customers’ information and privacy. Accessing and managing telephone number information that scales without compromising sensitive data is becoming highly specialised. XConnect’s Number Information Services provide access to global number portability information through a configurable and simple real-time query interface. XConnect’s experts maintain data sources, satisfy performance requirements, manage changes and comply with regulation.


In addition to maintaining the most reliable source of Mobile Number Portability, XConnect provides the messaging ecosystem with needed service discovery, basic validation and verification, and risk and fraud alerting. XConnect’s Lee Suker’s noted the disconnect between mitigation strategies and the availability of data at a price the market can sustain. Read his full comments on the NCSC published advice on using SMS here. 


XConnect’s Assured SMS helps A2P messaging customers optimise message delivery and mitigate against some of the vulnerabilities of A2P SMS.  Our services are designed for the latest data protection regulations as well as secured through XConnect’s ISO27001 certification. XConnect’s Assured SMS:

  • Isolates and removes bad senders and malicious content, which optimises operations and improves trust with downstream delivery partners
  • Provides Number Portability Analytics and Account Takeover Protection, allowing assessment of message termination risk prior to sending a SMS
  • Offers access to carrier grade number range and number portability, which helps reduce message path risk by minimising the number of hops
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Focus Remains on RCS

Messaging and SMS has grown and revenue growth predictions are strong for RCS, Rich Communication Alternatives, AI, Chatbots, and A2P security solutions. There is still much attention on RCS and a number of markets have now seen progress for RCS for A2P Business Messaging. However, there remain outstanding questions about the commercials, service discovery, availability and stability.

XConnect’s Founder & CEO, Eli Katz, commented about the event:

“Another great Messaging World event with the “usual suspects.” Marvellous to meet and great our Tier 1 MNO, Carrier and A2P customers. One take away – feels like Groundhog day again – have we reached a turning point for RCS A2P?”

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