XConnect Managed Services

If you need to query large amounts of traffic to a specific destination, you’ll be considering ‘on-boarding’ the numbering data yourself to deliver the benefits of fixed monthly fees, low latency, improved margin and increased customisation to your requirements. However, this also brings some challenges:

  • Acquiring the database(s) with all the associated commercial, privacy and regulatory requirements
  • Skills required, and associated costs for on-boarding the data feed
  • Skills required and associated costs of the large team for ‘maintaining’ the data feed and multiple sources and formats of data
  • Platform costs for hosting the data and supporting the high performance needs of the query application

Key features:

Mitigate OBR charges

Fixed monthly database fees

Capacity based platform fees

Service substitution

Excellent service

24x7x365 support

Product customisation – multiple sources of the same data to give you resilience, low latency and coverage

Dedicated cloud implementation

Customer ‘own-data’ on-boarding

How it works

XConnect’s Managed Service aims to provide all of the advantages of Customer on-boarding, while removing the disadvantages by taking advantage of the cloud to provide flexible platform costs.

Whether you want to use XConnect’s cloud PoPs, have us create a dedicated cloud PoP, or deploy in your own cloud, XConnect can provide and manage the solution, and create new fully functional PoPs within a week.

We have highlighted cost savings of 50% in comparison to customers’ existing solutions, while maintaining/increasing performance and availability.

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