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RingsTrue XConnect Salesforce

Making sure that your customer records have correct telephone numbers was part of an administrator’s regular data hygiene. Checking telephone numbers were authentic led to less failed call backs and lower contact centre costs, but what worked sufficiently yesterday is no longer rich enough for tomorrow.

Individuals now engage in multiple ways using channels which are most convenient for them at the time and in many cases using a mobile device. Now the mobile telephone number is a critical data field which enables trusted communications services such as voice calls and sms, but also enables additional data services capable of streamlining a wide range of activities with your clients.

RingsTrue was created after CloudUrsa saw a large number of their customers struggling to validate the new records they were creating in Salesforce each day. RingsTrue allows you to identify which telephone numbers in your CRM are authentic and whether it is a mobile, fixed line, or some other telephone number type.

It is easy to install and schedule within Salesforce and will provide you with essential reporting tools to help you manage your data and service quality. With the RingsTrue Enterprise or User License, you can schedule data quality enhancements on all of your customer records or perform data enhancements on demand.

Soon RingsTrue will be able to let you know if a telephone number is currently available, provide additional information about the capabilities and services supported by the end-uses devices, and offer data made available by the mobile service provider.

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What our RingsTrue customers are saying:

“Perfect! Having good quality data is the critical foundation of all sales and service activities. This app really keeps this concept simple around phone numbers. It runs easily in the background correcting and formatting your numbers, setup is really easy. Having a clean phone number really helps, especially in conjunction with a click-to-dial telephone integration”

“Our company added this app to save us time on our outbound lead calls. It’s been hugely helpful for me; I can just prioritise the ones where the number has already been checked, and I call those records first. Highly recommended.”

“We installed RingsTrue after hearing some feedback from our team that numbers were really poor quality. RingsTrue immediately showed us how many bad numbers were in our database but now that we’re regularly checking, the overall quality has vastly improved. We’re really happy with the product and the support team at RingsTrue were super helpful – thanks!”

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