An Overview of Video Interconnection Provider: XConnect

XConnect is the world’s leading provider of next generation interconnection services driving the adoption of IP based multimedia communications.

Powered by our award winning ENUM registry and IPX hub technology, XConnect enables our customers to capitalise on their network and technology investments through the delivery of IP voice, video and Unified Communications (UC) across disparate networks and platforms

The XConnect Video Interconnection Exchange (VIE) is the first multilateral video exchange hub that enables video calling between different video ‘managed service provider’ (MSP) networks. The VIE network is an ‘interconnect toolkit’ of technical and commercial functions which allows MSPs access to a broad community of video end-points without the operational and commercial overheads associated with direct bi-lateral interconnection.

XConnect’s Video Registry enables MSPs to deliver video conferencing and calling services directly between their enterprise customer end-points by resolving the challenges of routing video communications optimally and efficiently across their networks and platforms.

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